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How To Get Squad Points in Call of Duty Ghosts!

Updated on November 9, 2013

What's the best way to unlock more Squad Points in Call of Duty Ghosts multiplayer? For those not familiar, Squad Points are used to unlock many different things in multiplayer. They can be used to unlock new weapons, perks, and score streaks. Essentially, Squad Points are required to unlock all the important things in Call of Duty Ghosts multiplayer.

Do Not Waste Squad Points In Call of Duty Ghosts!

Since Squad Points are relatively hard to receive and you do not get them constantly, do not instantly spend them as soon as you get them! Unless of course it is a weapon, perk, or other unlock that you think will help you tremendously in Call of Duty Ghosts. The main reason why you should save most of your Squad Points for a while is because there are not many perks unlocked during the first 20 ranks in multiplayer. Perks are very important and you'll want to make sure you have Squad Points to unlock them later on. For example, instead of spending points unlocking all the shotguns, wait until you reach higher levels before spending them so you can get that particular perk you want. Find a good load out that works for you and save up those Squad Points!

Get Squad Points Completing Field Orders In Call of Duty Ghosts

An effective way of acquiring Squad Points in Call of Duty Ghosts is by completing field orders. If you are able to complete field orders you will unlock a squad point. I'm not entirely sure if you will receive Squad Point every time you complete a field order, however, you will eventually be notified by completing multiple field orders.

For those unaware, field orders are challenges that you can participate in whenever you pick up blue suit cases dropped from dead players in Call of Duty Ghosts. These challenges are usually fairly simple so it's a good idea to try to finish them so you unlock more Squad Points.

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Unlock Squad Points Completing Operations

Some players may have already unlocked Squad Points completing "operations" though natural rank progression in Call of Duty Ghosts without even realizing it. Operations is located underneath the "create a soldier" class. Operations are basically various challenges that reset every couple weeks in multiplayer. Players will have plenty of time to complete them. Of course it helps to check and see how close you are to completing an operation.

Operation objectives involve getting a certain number of kills with a guard dog, killing enemies with certain attachments, getting kill denies in kill confirmed, and numerous other various challenges. Since these are always changing every couple weeks, it's great to partake in these challenges so you'll maximize the number of potential Squad Points you receive in Call of Duty Ghosts

Ranking Up in Call of Duty Ghosts

By default, you will unlock two (2) squad points every time you rank up in Call of Duty Ghosts multiplayer. If you want to maximize Squad Points, you could opt to unlock a few new soldiers from the "Create A Soldier" menu. You'll receive 3 points when you do this and will unlock more Squad Points if you level up that soldier. And leveling up to rank 10 does not take too long.

Tips for receiving Squad Points Faster

  • Play smaller maps to get kills quicker to rank up faster & utimately receive more Squad Points
  • If you are a run-and-gunner type of player that likes SMGs, play Cranked and/or Kill Confirmed
  • If you are a more slow and strategical player like a sniper, play on other game modes that rely less on close quarters battles

Good luck and remember to spend those Squad Points wisely in Call of Duty Ghosts!


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