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How To Improve At Fifa Pt 1 Possession & Formation

Updated on March 29, 2014

Some Basic Fifa Rules

So before we start I would like to point out that this guide might not suit everyone and it will not make you one of the worlds best but if you follow the advice within I can guarantee you, you will improve. Maybe a bit or maybe a lot but you will improve.

When I started out playing Fifa many many years ago I was quite frankly terrible, Big football fan I might have been but my skills on the game left a lot to be desired. I didn't even venture online with the game until Fifa 10 and straight away found out that I needed to practice and a lot.

Don't get me wrong I was awesome at creating ultimate Team's and still am if I could blow my own trumpet, But I could only play one way and it just wasn't doing me any justice. I would always play up and down the wings and cross the ball in hoping that one of my tall attackers would head the ball in, Very rarely would it happen.

I would say when looking at the basic Fifa rules, for me it is always work out the things about your game that you either don't know how to do or are not very good at. A little tip from me is to try and watch closely when playing online and see how your opposition are beating you, How are they moving, what formation are they playing, when are they playing killer balls, how are they stopping you from scoring.

If you like playing against the computer then I would say whatever level you are playing at try upping it one level, Yes you will lose some games but it forces you to change your style of play and this will come in handy when applying some of the later tips I shall be giving you.

The tips that follow are primarily based on Formation And Possession.

Possession Lesson 1

This is one of the things you must get your head around if you are to succeed at Fifa, Possession is key. If you look at all the best teams in the world they can keep the ball and often as in the case of Barcelona for long periods of time. If you have the ball then to put it simply, Your opponent does not. If your opponent doesn't have the ball then he cant hurt you. It really is that easy.

The key thing you have to remember with Possession is that it doesn't matter which way up or down the pitch you are going, as long as you have the ball, You must remember and it is crucial, is to keep your opponent guessing, keep moving the ball to wherever you see one of your players and he is free. If that is back towards your own goal then so be it. Do not make a hurried pass forward when there really is no option going forward. All you will do then is give your opponent a chance to run at your goal.

So Lesson 1 when it comes to possession is: If you have to go sideways or even backwards to find a pass then that is what you do. It is really hard to learn as well, it took me ages to start making back-passes because I couldn't see a decent one going forward.

Once you get used to using lesson 1 you will find more often than not that your opponent starts pressing you. That's fine it just means you need to find that pass a little quicker, also start using the cross pass when this happens as it is quicker than across the ground, do be aware you need players with high passing stats to do this though.

Possession Lesson 2

Possession lesson 2 will be partly covered in another hub, mainly because it involves the type of formation you use, There are two main formations good at helping you retain possession and there is possible one or two others that are close in terms of keeping the ball.

Formation 1: 4-5-1

You are always going to retain possession in the middle of the pitch so this formation is about packing out those areas. All 5 midfielders should ideally be above 75 passing so as to keep hold of the ball. I have this formation and with it I use, Iniesta, Xavi, Fabregas, IF Koke and Pedro Leon. A little weaker out wide but even My LM Koke has 87 passing!!. It enables you to keep hold of the ball and the extra man in the middle helps you spot and make a pass easier. This formation works very well at nullifying teams that Press with aggression.

Formation 2: 3-5-2

This is very similar as above, you use the same midfield 5 if you can, high passers of the ball, You then have 3 defenders so you will probably need to beef them up a bit but its a worthwile cause. This formation however is slightly more attacking in that you have the extra man up front. If your an attacking player but want to improve your possession then this is the formation to have.

Formation 3: 4-1-4-1

This formation was new to Fifa 14 but it is a really good one, Used by some of the best teams in Europe, It has a very solid midfield but with the CDM to back up your defence, you will need to make sure that both your CM's are Attacking minded though, You still need the high passing so I would look at players such as David Silva, Juan Mata etc.


Ok so I did explain a lot above about the main formations for keeping possession but I didn't tell you how I came to using these formations and how it improved my possession of the ball, I haven't also explained why your formation is one of the first things you should look at when building your team and base it on the style of football you play.

So I consider myself to be an average Fifa player and have been for some time, I win more than I lose online and I am happy with that, occasionally I will learn something new and again I am happy with that. However recently I was forced to change my tactics and whole outlook on the way I approach matches by a friend.

The friend In question was not what you would call a football fan, He didn't know many players names and didn't watch a lot of football, He only started playing Fifa 13 by accident as he though it would annoy another friend if he took him on and won. Unfortunately he did and then got hooked, He got better and better but I was still able to beat him 8 times out of ten, and usually convincingly.

By the time Fifa 14 came around he had an xbox one and I did not so he was practising, I eventually got one and we started playing, I discovered he had changed his tactics and had started to play a very aggressive pressing tactic for which I had no answer, not only that but he could move the ball around better and had also mastered the power shot, something which I still struggle with today.

So I had to look for an answer and I did, This is where I changed my formation and played 5 in the middle to counter his aggressive pressing. If two of his players ran at me I always had an extra midfielder to pass too. Also passing the ball around and keeping possession was key.

So the lesson here is if you are losing to a friend then learn his tactics and adjust. Another key tactic is to have more than one formation, This means you can quickly adjust between playing friends and playing online.


So The main thing to learn from this Hub is that you have to adjust tactics to the way that your opponents play and also to pick the right formation from the start before building your Ultimate team, Have a go with these tips and see if they help your game, I would be interested to see how you get on so let me know in the comments section.


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