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How to Improve at Playing Ruzzle

Updated on December 7, 2017
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Michael Kismet is a freelance writer and a committed gamer. Odds are, he'll keel over one day with a video game controller in his hands.

How do you get better at Ruzzle
How do you get better at Ruzzle | Source

What Is Ruzzle?

Ruzzle, which was developed by MAG Interactive, is a word-based game for the iPhone, Android, and Blackberry. It combines the elements of Scrabble and Boggle in a highly addictive game enjoyed by players all over the world. This article will continue on the assumption that you, the reader are already fully aware of the game mechanics. There are no secrets to playing Ruzzle, just aspects of the game you might not be aware of, now let's improve your Ruzzle score!

Anger makes you lose your objectivity, I never play Ruzzle on any kind of emotion, all emotion needs to be removed from the equation.

— Michael Kismet (Murderiwrote)

Getting Good at Ruzzle

If you're unfamiliar with the popular and addictive online word game "Ruzzle," then you're missing out on all the time you could be spending in front of yet another screen and loving it. Now, I can't say the tips and hints I'll be covering in this article will make you the best player over-night, but I can say it will make you twice the Ruzzle player you are now (unless you're currently ranked above me).

To dispel any doubts that you may have that I am a real Ruzzle player, my screen name is "Murderiwrote," feel free to text or challenge me to a friendly game. My Ruzzle ranking score fluctuates between 2800-2900, which means I'm just another 100 points away from getting into the top 25 globally ranked players. Accomplishing that has been the sole reason I continue playing and improving. I want to be ranked among the top elite players.

Just the mere thought of seeing my name on that list has become an obsession. Now, I will be the first to confess that I'm not the sharpest guy around, but I'm good at adapting, and I'm fast. I continually find new ways to make myself an even faster player, which is what I attribute to my survival at that ranking. If you're going to be a long-term Ruzzle player, you must always have in mind, "improvement". This guide was intended for seriously competitive Ruzzle players, if you're not one, I advise you to walk away.

How to win Ruzzle game
How to win Ruzzle game | Source

How to Play Ruzzle and Win

If you're playing Ruzzle competitively and ranking is of utmost importance to you, there are times in your life when you should NOT play:

  • When you're not focused, if your mind isn't a 100% on the 2-minute Ruzzle match, then you're not giving your opponent your best, and a more focused player will capitalize on your lack of focus.
  • When you're angry, frustrated, or stressed. Anger makes you lose your objectivity, I never play Ruzzle on any kind of emotion, all emotion needs to be removed from the equation.
  • When you're feeling insecure, or experiencing fear. If you can't play Ruzzle feeling confident of victory, then you'll likely lose.
  • When you're in a loud environment. Not only will it hamper your concentration, but it will muffle the sound of the game. You need the sound to be faster. Simply, because you can hear the word being spelled before your eyes can signal your brain, USE the sound to become faster.
  • Never play after washing your hands thoroughly with soap, this removes all the natural oils from your fingertips, creating much-unwanted friction between your playing finger and the screen, which will slow you down tremendously, and it could also be painful. Screen burn is possible when you're spelling over 120 words per round.

Also, you should only be using one finger to spell your words, any more fingertips added on the board will make you give up too much speed. I learned through many trial and errors that my right thumb was my fastest appendage. However, I'm just going to say, pinkies are probably the worst digit to play with, hands down. I'm not sure if that's technically a pun.

Vocabulary or Speed?

Which do you believe to be more advantageous in Ruzzle, Vocabulary or Speed?

See results

How to Get Faster at Ruzzle

If you're wondering how to get better at playing Ruzzle, you need vocabulary and speed. Speed as in trusting your fingers to spell the words, while your eyes are scanning for the next words. Your ultimate goal is to minimize that 'ping' between your brain sending the signals to your fingers to spell, and your fingertip, physically carrying out the command. I might be losing you at this moment, but anyone playing Ruzzle will understand what I'm referring to.

There are many tips and hints for playing Ruzzle, but only you can achieve getting better and faster through practice. I can't do much to help you on that aspect of speed, but I have a few tricks up my sleeve for being faster at my fingertips. Before I begin, I want to say that this is going to a bit of an extreme to become faster, and it's worked miracles, making me average 120-150 words per game. Check my stats, most words in one game "192", and here's how I did it. What you'll need:

  • A non-corrosive cooking oil.
  • One paper towel.
  • Wide bottle cap, preferably a Snapple bottle cap works well, width is good.

Next, fold the paper towel(or tear) into a small square that will fit into the bottle cap, what we want are layers of paper in the bottle cap. Pour exactly 1-2 drips of said oil onto the paper towel, which is in the bottle cap. One drop is usually sufficient, so no need to waste. Now before you play lightly dab the paper towel with your playing fingertip very gently, don't press down on it.

You want a barely there amount on your fingertip. This is to reduce any and all friction between your skin and the screen. I can't stress this enough because I am fully aware of the oil being near an expensive piece of electronic is undesirable, to say the least. But I am a very competitive Ruzzle player, and I will improve where I can, and how I can, but I will never cheat.

cheating at ruzzle
cheating at ruzzle | Source

How do People Cheat on Ruzzle

I will keep this short, cause you came here for ways to improve your skills at Ruzzle, not hear my rants about cheaters. I just don't understand people that go out of their way to cheat at a game, the likes of Ruzzle. You not only rob honest players of important ranking points(which is time), but you rob yourselves of true victory, through actual work in improvement. I just will never understand, and take great pleasure in reporting cheaters.

How to Improve Ruzzle Score

  • ALWAYS string spell your words in short to long succession. For example, if you scan and see the word, "Pester" You would first spell "pe, pes, pest", then finally pester. To be able to spell as many words as you can, you have to do this to every word. The only time you shouldn't do this, is when you see a much longer word that you can bank more points from, then go right back to string-spelling words you find.
  • Learn from your opponents, after the third round, win, lose, or draw, scroll through the found words list and make note of every word they found, but you failed to..learn those words, and add it to your vocabulary arsenal.
  • Learn and use more long, complex, and obscure words. The Top 25 ranked Ruzzle players in the world spell crazy obscure words, and I've personally played every single one of them, they are word knowledgeable as they are lighting quick.
  • Play when you're alone, in a quiet and least stimulating environment. I like playing in the middle of the night between 1-4am. Find out when you play your best and only play matches during those times.

Playing Ruzzle better
Playing Ruzzle better | Source

I'm Addicted to Ruzzle

I've never been one to be addicted to such a simple game of speed and intellect, but I loved this game from the moment a friend introduced me to it. Fair warning, if you love spelling words, you are highly susceptible to becoming a Ruzzle addict! If you have any suggestions or comments, please do not hesitate to write, I'd love to hear your opinion. Feel free to share this article with a friend and your social network!

© 2014 Michael Kismet


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    • Michael Kismet profile image

      Michael Kismet 3 years ago from Northern California

      Oh , it is! It's super addictive.. as your friend, I actually implore you to never start, once those Ruzzle hooks are in you, there's no turning back.

      Thanks for visiting!

    • ologsinquito profile image

      ologsinquito 3 years ago from USA

      If it's the best of Scrabble and Boggle it has to be fun.