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How To Install MrMMods Better Grass, Better Light Minecraft Mods

Updated on February 16, 2011
For more help with Minecraft mods, visit:
For more help with Minecraft mods, visit: | Source

There are two basic Minecraft mods that you should install before and above all others. They will change your Minecraft life and make your Minecraft world a better place to be in. They are, of course, Better Light (once known as Ambient Occlusion) and Better Grass.

For those of you not sure as to what Better Light and Better Grass are, I'll run over their features now. For those of you who want to just get the thing installed skip down below Red Foreman for concise instructions.

Better Light

Better Light changes the way light is rendered in the game. Instead of wandering around a strange world with nonsensical shadows, shadows will fall in places that make sense. The better light mod makes a relatively small difference, but it significantly improves the 'realism' of the game.

Better Grass

Better Grass is another fairly simple change that significantly improves the appearance of your world. Instead of having grass only grow on the tops of blocks, grass will also grow down the sides of blocks on easy slopes. It therefore makes things looks much prettier than they did when your world was full of ridges of brown dirt everywhere.

Problems With Installation

For a long time I couldn't get MrMMods Better Light / Better Grass pack to work. It turned out the reason why was that I was a dumbass.If you can't get them to work, chances are you're a dumbass too. Let's join together and discover how to install this, the most simple of all the mods.

How To Install Better Grass / Better Light

  • First of all, go download the mod.
  • Once you have the mod, simply toss the .zip file into your .minecraft folder. Not inside the .bin folder and not, for the love of all that is good in the world, in the minecraft.jar. You don't need your fancy pants Minecraft modding tricks for this one, you just need to put the zip file in the Minecraft file, along with the .bin and the saves and the options and the rest of it.
  • When you have the .zip neatly positioned in the correct folder, unzip it. It will unzip with all manner of goodies. You can ignore all of them aside from the patcher. See the patcher?
  • Open the patcher and select the mods you want to install. I only installed better light and better grass, but there's a chat option in there as well as a mini map which could be quite useful if you want to be able to navigate around the Minecraft realm with a tiny map.
  • Hit Patch.

You're done. Seriously. That's all of it. If you're using Simple Map there's a little file you need to change, but that's listed on the main download page and you'll see that when you download the mod.

Enjoy your newer, prettier world!


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