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Instant Level 60 In Nick Shop - Order And Chaos Online 1

Updated on August 26, 2016

Getting To Level 60 In A Flash

Ancestor's Package used to become an instant level 60.
Ancestor's Package used to become an instant level 60. | Source

Buy The Right Pack!

Make Sure To Buy The Instant Level 60 Ancestry Pack For Your Class!

0 to 60 In The Nick Shop

A lot of players are asking how to instant level 60 on Order And Chaos Online. After doing some poking around, I am not surprised there is so much confusion.

Ancestor's Packages are used to zap to level 60. It is a brown bag in the nick shop. There are four packages, one for each class.

IOS users can buy the ancestors package at any level. Go ahead and skip this section IOS users.

In walks the catch for Android (and posibly windows users), at the moment, the only characters I can access the item needed to instant level 60 on is my level 70 toons.

The item states it is bound to account, which means you can buy it with your level 70 and send it to your low level on the same account.

I can understand why it works this way right now; however, I do believe that it will be subject to change. With lvl 80 coming in only a matter of time, the way Gameloft sells these packages could likely change.

You can use the following instructions to instantly level your low level toons to 60.

You can buy instant level 60 in the nick shop with your high level charachters.
You can buy instant level 60 in the nick shop with your high level charachters. | Source

The Key To Insta Level

The confusion comes because there is a message on the load screen of low level toons. You will not see this message on your level 70.

It is just a banner, not a button that takes you directly to the item.

If you are IOS, you should see the ancestors packages in the Nick Shop under packages. You can skip the rest of this part, too.

If you can not see the Ancestors Package (because you are on one of the wicked step children servers) in the Nick Shop under Packages, then you need to log on to your level 70 on the same account.

If you do not have a level 70, then you will have to play to 70 before you can insta level your other toons on the same account.

If that is the case then your investment should be in:

After you have logged in to your level 70, head to the nick shop (you can do this from your menu).

Ancestor's Packages, One For Each Class

Buying level 60 from the Nick Shop.
Buying level 60 from the Nick Shop. | Source

How To Purchase Insta Level

When you are in the Nick Shop select "Packages". Your IOP toon or Android/Windows level 70 should have 3 pages of packages. Scroll until you reach the page with the item that looks like a brown backpack.

The package will be called Ancestor's Package. There is one for each class.

It will be one of the folowing:

  • Ancestor's Package (Warrior)
  • Ancestor's Package (Mage)
  • Ancestor's Package (Monk)
  • Ancestor's Package (Ranger)

IMPORTANT: If indead I am correct, and right now on android only level 70s can purchase these, then remember to buy the package for the class you intend to insta level!

Right now on Android an Ancestor's Package costs 120 runes. I have heard the same about android. it could go on sale or the price could change. I will try to keep this updated, if you notice a change feel free to let me know so that I can keep this hub updated.

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Final Steps To Level 60

Now that you have purchased your Ancestors Package with your level 70 you need to open your bag. If your bag was full, then check your mailbox.

If you are not IOS, then do the following:

  • Go to mailbox
  • Start new letter
  • Place the name of your low level on the same account in the heading
  • Click Attachments
  • Select the ancestors package
  • Hit send

At this point log in to your alt, low level toon, and open the package.

Keep in mind that you may still need to go back and do quests. Some quests open up daily quest lines and other quests which you may need.

You will need to pick up quest lines for some normal dungeons, mainly the Rising Flare Series on normal (if you choose to do them). Again, if you manage to get a Rising Flare team for normal, use the que to get the dungeon XP.

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What To Do When You Hit Level 60

Once you hit level 60 you have a few orders of business before you can continue to level. You will find a few quest lines that begin in Greenmont.

One quest line takes you back to Arcadian Forest to quest for decent level 60 gear. Another will open FMN (Flame Madness). There is a lesser known third for Vilya Temple that will help you get upper level 60 gear.

Once you have done these quest lines you should have enough equipment to begin in the dungeons.

You will need to:

When you run MZN and AGN you will learn the dungeon. However, make sure that your team is in the que, and if someone dies the team leader reques. You get tons of experience from dungeons.

With a little work and a little fun you will be in Legendary dungeons and PVP in no time.


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    • profile image

      HostMarcel 2 years ago

      i was able to buy the Ancestor's Packages at lvl 20 O_O and instant lvl my 20 to 60 ..... maybe it has been changed already?

      regards marcel

    • profile image

      ken 2 years ago

      Is there any way to exchange then if I bought the wrong class type