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How To Keep Perks On Black Ops Map Ascension

Updated on February 6, 2011


Ascension is the new zombie map for Call Of Duty: Black Ops. This map features something new and makes zombies more of a challenge. . . space monkeys. To you, this may sound like a joke compared to the original hellhounds and the nova zombies but space monkeys will take something valuable. These monkeys will take away your perks and leave you clueless.  In this hub I will explain how to keep perks and perk related strategies.

Layout of Ascension.
Layout of Ascension.

Preventing Space Monkeys

As long as someone in the game has a perk, monkeys will come every once in a while. I'm not exactly sure of the rate at which they come but I'm sure they do come the round after you buy a perk.  The only way to prevent space monkeys from ever coming in the first place is to never buy a perk.  The main purpose of monkeys is to take the perks away and if you don't buy any in the first place, monkeys will never coming.

Oops, I Bought Perks . . .

If you bought perks, don't worry, there is a way to to keep your perks safe! To keep perks, you simply have to guard the perk machine that that perk is from. For example, if you have Speed Cola then you would have to guard the Speed Cola machine. If the monkeys, touch the perk machine, your perk is gone. When monkeys come, I advise you split up and you each guard a perk machine, if one of the perk icons starts blinking, it means its about to disappear so abort that one and help guard another. Another thing I advise is go inside when monkeys come because meteorite type objects fall out the sky and may kill you if your one of the unfortunate ones to get caught under one. One keep thing I forgot to mention is to not throw grenades at them because they will throw your grenades back.

After The Storm

After the horde of monkeys you face off against you will receive a max ammo.  But is your worked hard and kept the monkeys from touching any of the machines and you still have all your perks, your rewarded with a new power up in the shape of a cola bottle.  Many of you are sitting there reading saying " wow that sounds like a perk maybe" . . . it doesn't take a genius to figure it out.  With this power up, you get a random perk no matter if the doors been unlock to the machine or if you if it is available to buy.  Also, this has nothing to do with the monkeys but you can only have four perks and there's five on the map. So if you plan to have a specific set of four perks, I'd advise to not grab this because it may mess up your set and the only way to get rid of perks is downing yourself.   

Altogether, this map brings a whole new variety of things to the zombie series.  Ascension has new types of special grenades, a new knife, and brings new fun to Call of Duty.  I have played this map and got to round 26, I'm always willing to play with new people. Again, my gamertag is Ix DiGiTz xI .


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    • profile image

      Coolingmarcus 7 years ago

      Good point only played map twice got round 20 with half decent players this map is easy enough got round38 in kino