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How To Level Up Fast in Call of Duty Ghosts (Rank Up Fast Tips & Tricks)

Updated on November 8, 2013

There a couple of effective methods for ranking up faster in the new Call of Duty Ghosts video game. This involves gaining experience much quicker in Call of Duty Ghosts Multiplayer compared to just playing random game types etc. Keep in mind, there are several factors that dictate how fast you will rank up in multiplayer. If you are a truly skilled player, you may rank up faster than other players. However, regardless of how good of a player you are, the methods explained in this article will prove useful.

Playing "Squads" to Level Up Fast in Call of Duty Ghosts

If you do not always want to play regular multiplayer, you can still level up fast playing Squads in Call of Duty Ghosts. Squads is a gametype that allows you to fight against mostly bots instead of all human players. There are 4 types of game modes in Squads. They are Safeguard, Squad Assault, Squad vs Squad, and Wargame.

The reason why Squads is a good game mode to play is because bots are generally easier to kill than real human players in Call of Duty Ghosts. You may still face another human player, but the majority of enemies you face will be bots. All experience gained in Squads transfers over to regular multiplayer. For example, if you rank up in squads and then go to play team deathmatch, you'll still have the same level or rank.

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How to Level Up Fast In Call of Duty Ghosts

Another good way to level up fast is to play the "Cranked" game type in Call of Duty Ghosts public matches. One of the reasons why cranked is a good way to level up fast is because it is on smaller maps. Generally speaking, you will gain experience much faster when playing smaller maps because you will find other players to kill faster.

What is Cranked in Call of Duty Ghosts?

Cranked is a brand new game mode that has never been featured in a previous Call of Duty. This game mode is essentially a team deathmatch, but with some different rules. Two teams are competing against each other for kills, however, when a player gets a kill, they receive a cranked bonus. This bonus gives them faster reload, movement speed, and ADS. The player will die in 30 seconds if they fail to get another kill or kill assist, however. Note another reason why Cranked is good for ranking up is because your movement speed is quicker, allowing you to find other players to kill faster.

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Rank Up Fast in Call of Duty Ghosts

Set Score Streaks Lower

Unless you are very confident in yourself or are really adept at getting high score streaks in Call of Duty Ghosts multiplayer, set your score streaks lower. You still get experience for using lower score streaks and they will still benefit yourself and the team. Also, on smaller maps, getting lower score streaks is really easy because you will get kills faster and need less of them.

Change Your Weapons More Often

Don't always use the same weapon all the time. Although you may prefer or may play better with a particular weapon, use different weapons from time to time. There are weapon challenges for getting different types of camouflage. Every time you compete a challenge for a new camouflage on a weapon, you receive experience points. The challenges are not too difficult and involve things like getting a certain number of kills crouching or going prone. Fairly simple things that are easy to do in Call of Duty Ghosts.

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Complete Field Orders To Level Up Fast in Call of Duty Ghosts

Completing field orders can be a useful way to level up a bit faster in multiplayer. You earn experience for completing them and will get a squad point and a care package. Sometimes you will get very good score streak in the care package that will allow you to get more kills which means more experience!

Note a field order is basically a challenge that you are given when picking up those blue suit cases in Call of Duty Ghosts multiplayer.

It May Take Longer to Prestige in multiplayer Compared To Previous Call of Duty Games

Keep in mind, ranking up in Ghosts may take longer than it did in the Black Ops games. Many players are finding that it is similar to Modern Warfare 2 when it comes to how fast you rank up. Of course there are several variables which determine how fast you level up (e.i. how fast you kill, score streaks, double xp etc). Just remember to be patient and find out what load out works for you the best! Good luck!


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    • profile image

      That One Niqqa 3 years ago

      0828506253, the reason why you haven't ranked up a lot is cuz you SUCK B@LLS!

    • profile image

      Anonymous 4 years ago

      Don't know but you should try playing with a clan instead, due to the fact it is faster and that you can help each other.

    • profile image

      0828506253 4 years ago

      Ive plaged cod ghost for just over 5 days now on multiplayer an dnt seem to be leveling up at all why is this ?