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How To Level Up Faster in Call of Duty: WWII Multiplayer

Updated on December 16, 2017
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Tayyab is a student by day and a gaming fanatic by night. He plans to provide the best possible tips and tricks to help fellow gamers.

For years, it has been a ritual for Call of Duty players to showcase their time and dedication by being a higher level than their friends. But the true CoD fanboys are always on the grind to reach Max Prestige.

How Does The Prestige System Work ?

For newbies, when a player reaches max level in multiplayer. They are given the option to "Prestige" into Prestige 1. This resets the player's level back to level 1 and progresses them to Prestige 1. This process is repeated until you reach Max Prestige.

When you become prestige, you are given bragging rights in the servers. It is a way to show off the dedication and time that you have invested into the game. You are also awarded with epic emblems and access to the prestige lounge in Headquarters.

Most games have max prestige at prestige 10.

So, to become the best, everyone is in race to become max prestige. Here are some tips to help you in this task:

1. Play Objective Game Modes

Levelling up faster means that you need to get more points during matches. The most effective way to get points is by playing objective game modes like the War Mode, Domination, Hardpoint and Kill Confirmed.

This allows you to get points even if you are not getting kills, you can simply rack up points by capturing flags, staying in the hardpoint or completing objectives in the War mode. If you were playing Team Deathmatch, you will only gain points when you get kills.

In objective modes, in addition to points for kills, you gain bonus points when you play the objective. I have seen people with less than 10 kills but they are on top of the leaderboard, just because they played the objective.

This will truly make a difference if you are unable to get a decent amount of kills. These games also last much longer than Team Deathmatch or Free-For-All, so you have opportunity to get more points in the extended time limit.

2. Complete Orders

In CoD WWII, they have introduced daily and weekly orders that you can obtain from the Headquarters in-between games. These orders mostly have supply drops as rewards but you will also get XP for such challenges. We have also seen that you can get Double XP time in supply drops. So completing these daily and weekly orders will be of quite some benefit to you.

3. Complete Contracts

In-game photo of the Contracts menu.
In-game photo of the Contracts menu.

The most quick way to gain huge amounts of XP are the contracts. These are similar to challenges in previous installments of the Call of Duty series. These contracts, provide you with a task to complete which can be getting headshots, capturing flags, winning in certain game modes, killing people with specified guns.

These contracts are quick and easy way to gain a good amount of XP. These challenges also make the gameplay more interesting because you are forced to use weapons that you usually do not use, play game modes you rarely play and get kills in ways that are difficult. Example, aiming for headshots gives a bit of challenge to the player. This way, the game becomes less repetitive, and it helps you to improve your aim at short and long range (because of the headshot and long range tasks). So this method is highly recommended.

4. Use Supporting Scorestreaks

Click thumbnail to view full-size
In-game description of Recon Aircraft.In-game description of Counter Recon Aircraft.In-game description of Flak Guns.
In-game description of Recon Aircraft.
In-game description of Recon Aircraft.
In-game description of Counter Recon Aircraft.
In-game description of Counter Recon Aircraft.
In-game description of Flak Guns.
In-game description of Flak Guns.

Supporting scorestreaks are streaks that do not kill an enemy directly, they merely assist you in getting kills. The recommened streaks are as follows:

  • Recon Aircraft - a plane is dispatched which allows you to see the position of your enemies on the mini-map.
  • Counter Recon Aircraft - an aircraft which destroys enemy Recon Aircraft or Counter Recon Aircraft or blocks enemy Recon Aircraft.
  • Flak Guns - destroys all enemy aerial scorestreaks and blocks enemies from using new ones

I recommend these 3 scorestreaks because they aid you in getting more kills. Direct kills by using scorestreaks earn you less points (25 points per kill) compared to kills that you get yourself through the help of supporting streaks (100 points per kill), so getting kills by yourself should be the objective.

The Recon Aircraft makes the enemies' position visible on the mini-map which allows you to prepare for gunfights. Anticipating the enemy will lead to successful gunfights. You are also able to flank the enemy without much problem. You can easily avoid the large groups of enemies by looking at the mini-map. You will have the element of surprise to take out enemies without breaking a sweat.

Whereas the Counter Recon Aircraft removes your enemies advantage over you. This way, you are able to not get spawn killed. The Flak Guns are similar to the Counter Recon Aircraft but it is able to take out every aerial scorestreak which includes the Ball Turret Gunner. The Recon Aircraft and Counter Recon Aircraft also give you assist points whenever one of your teammate gets a kills during the time these scorestreaks are up in the air.

In the end, it all comes down to personal preference and what works best for you. You need to try out different combinations and choose what is most enjoyable for you.

5. Maximize Double XP

People who preordered the game got 4 hours of 2XP with the game. But from time to time the developers also turn on 2XP so you should be ready to fully maximize the oppurtunity.

You can also get more 2XP time through the promotion campaign of Call of Duty with Buffalo Wild Wings. If you eat enough at Buffalo Wild Wings, you will be rewarded with in-game 2XP time that will speed up your grind to max prestige.

Lastly, you are recommended combine all of these techniques together to get the best result. You should play more and try to complete as many challenges as you can during 2XP weekends. As long as you have 2 of these techniques in use, you will progress through the levels in no time.

You are advised to play with your friends. It will give you competition and motivation to level up faster. It will also allow you to have longer gaming sessions because the sense of loneliness is eliminated. And remember, don't be try hard all the time, at the end of the day, its only a game.

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© 2017 Syed Tayyab Abbas


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