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How To Make A Frozen Movie Doll Garden For Inside Play

Updated on September 6, 2014
Photo: Authors own.
Photo: Authors own. | Source

Are your kids crazy about the Disney Movie Frozen? My daughter is. Together we made this beautiful and unique, portable inside play centre garden for her figurines from Frozen. Here's how we did it so that you and your children can make it too! It's inexpensive, easy and makes for hours and hours of fun play! We made our indoor garden a Frozen garden, but you could also make one for little fairy dolls and figurines quite easily the same way!

Our Frozen Doll Figurines

Before making our Frozen Movie doll garden I purchased Frozen doll figurines on eBay as a set of 6 figurines which stand at about 9cms tall. They cost less than $10 (Au). They appear to be made of a reasonably solid material, similar to that of a Smurf, yet taller. They are of good quality for toddler play, no removable, or movable parts, they just have some minor flex movement in some of the arms, and they have intricate detail painted on them such as their faces, in the Snowflake Elsa is holding and sparkles painted on her gown.

The set includes:

  • Queen Elsa in long blue gown.
  • Princess Anna in cape.
  • Kristoff.
  • Olaf.
  • Prince Hans.
  • Sven (Kristoff's reindeer).

The set didn't come with Krisoff's (Rock) family, but that wasn't a problem as we enjoyed making them ourselves with some rocks and texta's, which I'll go into detail about further down the page.

The figurines are marked "Disney Vietnam" on the base and each Disney character can stand on it's own (Our Sven the reindeer is a little wobbly on his feet though).

Rate Frozen Figurine 6pc Set From Ebay

4 stars for Good For Toddler Play Age 3+

Here's a short video of our Frozen doll figurines

If you don't have Frozen doll figurines, you can make use of the princess or fairy figures you have at home to make this garden. You could even make one for smurfs, Moshi Monsters or Pet Shop pets!

Photo: Authors own.
Photo: Authors own. | Source

Chosing A Container For Your Play Garden

To hold our frozen garden we chose an oversize lunch box container. You could use a cake container, or even a baking dish, or for a smaller play garden a regular size lunch box or any large pantry storage container.

I found a container with a lid keeps all the contents well contained when it comes time to pack it away after play time.

The size we chose made it a good fit for the size of our Frozen doll figurines which we purchased together as a set from eBay. The container is deep enough for the figurines to stand up in even with the lid intact, and allows enough room for my daughter to move them around within the garden easily, yet still compact to easily store away in her room when not in use.

Photo: Authors own.
Photo: Authors own. | Source

Inside The Garden

We improvised a little making the inside of our Frozen Movie garden, using some materials we already had at home such as marbles, crystal beads and cotton balls (For the snow).

To start we emptied a packet of small silver decorative garden stones to make the icy floor. You could use fish-tank pebbles or pebbles from your own garden if you have them available. I purchased the packet from the hardware store gardening section. We poured it in so it was about 1-2cms thick.

We then added a larger flat rock, large enough so that one of the figurines could stand on it and it's like standing on a mountain. We put it in the corner so that we could pile up cotton balls around it to make a snowy mountain peak.

We added a few more cotton balls for more snowy mountains within the box.

We added a stepping stone pathway from a miniature castle into the snow. With a small castle at the other end of the box. My daughter already had these two miniature castles amongst her toys and this allowed us to have one castle for Elsa and to use one as the castle at Arendelle. We created the path using decorative glass garden pebbles. If you have a toy ladder that would be even better, as Elsa created one of ice in the movie.

We put some clear marbles and crystal beads around Elsa. My daughter says these represent Elsa's icy blasts!

We added a cocktail drink umbrella, which is Olaf (The snowman's) as in the movie he also likes to enjoy Summer!

To make it look like a miniature garden we also added a small branch for a tree and a few succulents. These items are the only ones in the garden that may need replacing as they will ultimately wilt. You could use small dry branches instead to solve this!

My daughter sometimes adds other small toys to the garden, such as her My Little Pony bridge or maybe her Tinkerbell fairy figurine and other Disney Princesses will come into the Frozen garden to visit!

Photo: Authors own.
Photo: Authors own. | Source

Making Kristoff's Family

After creating our snow and rocks and icy blasts, our Frozen Movie garden almost looked complete at this point. Only we realised that Kristoff's family, the rocks which are "Love experts" in the movie were missing. So we collected some small round rocks from our garden which were just big enough to draw on, in texta, their faces.

Kristoff's funny 'family' start off as forest rocks in the movie before they show themselves as lively little characters. They have round ears and a patch of hair sticking up between them, and happy, smiling faces. They are predominantly green and purple so we drew on the rocks green hair and their big noses, little eyes, and smiley faces in purple! Then they took their place in our play garden which was now finished and ready for days and hours of fun Frozen play!

Here's A Video Of Our Completed Frozen Garden

Hours Of Play!

This was such a cheap and fun craft and play activity for me and my daughter. It's unique and my daughters friends are in awe of it!

We made our Frozen garden together outside in our garden on a towel enjoying the sunshine together, but this something you can also make inside on a rainy day. You would be best to sit at a table to make this doll garden inside because of the small pebbles involved in making it.

If you have a baby at home as well as your toddler, you'll need to ensure this activity remains on the dining table or safely packed away with it's lid because of the small parts inside it.

My daughter (Age 3) has her Frozen garden on the coffee table in her room and plays with it for hours and days on end! It goes to show that not all favourite toys are the most expensive!

I hope you and your children will also enjoy making your very own Frozen garden!

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Best wishes for fun play with your little ones and their very own Disney Frozen movie garden!

Author retains Copyright 2014

© 2014 AustralianNappies


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