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How To Make Bond Stones Work Better on Order and Chaos: Secrets Revealed

Updated on November 19, 2016

Bond Stones


Order and Chaos Bond Stone Hints and Tricks

It is time for everyone to learn how to make bond stones work better on Order and Chaos. The secret will seem obvious once you read this.

Most of the pros know a secret, they don't want anyone else to know. This keeps them leet, and able to act like gods over the rest of us.

It is time to level the playing field so that more people can catch mounts without using runes to buy traps.

Invalid Spell - Get it?

If you try to cast a bond stone when you are not clicked on the mount, it says invalid spell. When you cast a bond stone, you are casting a spell.

That means that casters have an advantage over non casters. To make a bond stone more effective, you need to have spell power, spell crit, wisdom scrolls and blessings.

Anything that makes a spell more effective will make your bond stones more effective. I know some of you are wondering how you will have the bag space for this.

I suggest you mount hunt. Put on your casting gear while you mount hunt and keep your regular gear in the bank.

Also, remember that some mounts come with adventures bags. Some of them have a war free bond, which costs between 80 and 120 runes (depending if you are on IOS or Android).

You can get them free in adventures bag from other mounts. This makes using the bond stones more than worth it, even if you cap a mount you already have.

Ringing Mounts: New Poll!

Have, or will, you buy riding permits with runes?

See results

The Caster's Advantage

If you are a caster, it will be easy for you to get a mount hunting gear. However, warriors and rangers face a unique challenge. They cannot wear caster gear.

There are a lot of other ways to increase the effectiveness of your spells on Order and Chaos. There is also certain types of gear you can wear, such as necklace and trinkets.

It seems a little unfair that casters get this edge. After playing all classes, I see no reason for them to get the advantage, but sometimes it is what it is.

Characters with Spell Power

You will need to farm trinkets, necklaces and other gear.
You will need to farm trinkets, necklaces and other gear.

Locating Caster Gear

If you want to find spell caster necks, cloaks, trinkets and so forth, you will want to farm some of the high level areas in Frostlund.

If you are below level 70, even spell crit may not help against the level 70s who know the secret or use traps.

Once you are level 70, there are many places you can farm gear with spell power, spell crit and so on.

Stone Coast - Likanii and Likanii's Guards

Bruto's Camp - Mad Nakhit Fisher

Both of these areas will drop some spell crit, hit and power gear for you to use when hunting mounts in Order and Chaos.

In some cases you don't need spell crit gear. Recent experimentation has suggested that epic gear of all types has an effect on bond stone success rates.

If you are not up for farming, then there are lots and lots of caster necklaces, trinkets, and more in the Auction House.


Does Where I Stand Matter?

When casting a bond stone, you must be clicked on the mount and be near the mount. Some people say that you must stand in front of the mount to catch it.

I have found no evidence than standing in front of the mount has any relationship to how well the bond stone works.

I have caught, and seen others catch, mounts from all angles. They have caught them from in front and behind, as well as above and below.

Your spell power, spell crit and wisdom have a real effect on how well bond stones work. Where you stand, well it just doesn't matter.

Buy Better Traps with Runes

There is another way to make catching a mount easier. With runes, you can buy traps to use to catch mounts.

These traps are 30% better. There is also a wand that has a 50% success rate. So far, I have only seen it in the 30 rune lottery (best lottery, very worth it).


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    • TheDragonBringer profile image

      Jade Griffin 2 years ago

      Wands and traps are best. I wouldn't cast a dan during a stone, but maybe before. If you farm trials, dans drop like candy. No amount of gear will make a difference with epic mounts. You must have traps and wands for them.

    • profile image

      Shunyata 2 years ago

      I wonder if u used a Dan with 300 spell hit rating during a bond stone cast would increase your chances. I don't see how or why spell power or spell crit would make a difference, but you seem to think it does. The best way to catch a mount is to just use wands and traps in my opinion.

    • profile image

      Scott 3 years ago

      This guide REALLY is true!! I got to lvl 62 and was able to use some of my better casting gear that I got in the auction. Since then I have capped 4-5 mounts in less than 30 stones. One I got with just 2!!! I was spending average of 20-30 stones for each mount before this. Your gear, wisdom, and such makes a huge difference if you are not a mage/monk. Thanks a ton!!!

    • profile image

      Scott 3 years ago

      Thanks DragonBringer. I'll probably wait. I'm only interested in T2 and up now. PvP is my worst enemy...those stinking Rangers keep picking me off while I'm trying to catch normal mounts!

    • TheDragonBringer profile image

      Jade Griffin 3 years ago

      It really depends on what type of mount you want. If you're just trying to collect tier 1 ounce then it doesn't really matter. It is easier to mount hunt tier 2 mounts at level 70 because the t3 mounts or a pet might appear, if that happens in a PvP zone not being level 70 could put you at a disadvantage. Most players won't gank players of lower levels, but it was an epic now or cut then all bets are off. If you're trying to force spawn in the under realm or frostland then not being a lvl 70 is going to cost you a lot of headache because of the higher level epic mob in some areas.

    • profile image

      Scott 3 years ago

      Would you say it is better to wait until lvl 70 to really start mount hunting? I have a warrior that is lvl 50, and I just wasted 30 stones trying to catch a mount before it ran off. I had my best mount gear on and was using wisdom scrolls and blessings to boot. I currently have T2 mounts and 3 T1, so I don't necessarily need a mount now, and I don't really want to waste gold on bond stones if I'm not setup for success.