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How To Make Gold In Arcane Legends

Updated on May 26, 2015

This is a guide for making gold in Arcane legends aka Al game without spending platinum. I know how frustrated you are because you can’t afford to buy Mythic or arcane since you touched level cap. Or you are newbie don’t know how to make gold on this game. Since the player volume increased the competition is also increased and merching is hard.
Let’s start

The consignment shop

Consignment shops (CS) are the in-game shops in which player can buy or sell game items such as gears, pets, vanities... Etc. These shops are situated at main towns. You can see a large crowd gathered in front of these shops. There is another STG store in main menu where you can directly buy certain items using platinum. In this guide we are not going to use platinum.
Leprechaun Pendant
The first thing you need is a leprechaun pendant aka Lep. This is an amulet which grants 15% chance to reroll. Your primary goal is to buy Lep. Most end gamers already have it. If you are an end gamer and still don’t have it buy one. It sells for 180k-200K+ gold at CS.

The newbie target

All new players are once reached the travelers outpost see lot of guys walking with cool pets with fire aura, ice aura and with flashy costumes. Don’t pay attention to them. Your goal is to make gold. First you need to make 200k gold. This is your primary target. Don’t buy pets. Don’t feed pets. Do all dailies. You’ll loot some common eggs while doing dailies. Sell it for gold. The daily bard quest will give you story tokens which can be used to buy inventory slots, Auction Slots and pet eggs. Only sell items don’t buy anything from CS at this time. U can loot gears while running map.
Klass and shazbot elixir
There are two guys at traveler’s outpost and city of windmore. These guys will give you pet eggs, Elixirs, free health and mana pots, if you get pet eggs sell it. Once you get free reroll elixir run brackenridge village map again and again. No other maps. Brackenridge boss jarl only. You’ll loot 1-5 locked Grand crate of the watch within half hour running this boss only. Sell this Locked crates for 10k-15k. If its peak time, sell for more. Repeat the above steps. You’ll loot 10+ locked within days or within hours if you are extremely lucky. Sell all. Keep in mind don’t buy anything from the CS (this is the most important).Sales only. Now you have 200k. What to do with it? Buy Luck pendant which grants 15% luck (The lep).
What’s next?

Get some average gears for your level. It’s time to run elite maps. Run the endgame elite maps which will give you the best items in the game. These items sell for 300k- 1m+. Wear the lep just before boss die. If you are lucky you’ll loot some good pinks or elite chests. Sell these and save 90% of the money you get. Use the rest 10% to buy pots. And run elite maps again and again. You can do 4-5 runs in an hour.
Hoarding locked
This is the most effective way which I found making money. And it’s stable so far. When developers introduce new mythic or arcane items in the game the price of “Locked Grand Crate of the watch” increases. Like jumping from 10k to 20k-30k. I’ve seen it’s to 40k in some rare occasions. During “Nordr” expansion the price of these locked were 40k when arcane maul introduced. So buy inventory slots with story tokens and hoard large amount of locked like 200-400. And sell when new patch comes. This is time consuming but surely worth it.
What if locked price is plummeted?
Sometimes the locked will hit 5k. No need to panic. This is your chance. Buy lot when price is very low. And hoard them. And sell when update comes.
Where to Farm these locked grand crates?

The best places to farm these crates are Kraken Mine 3 (aka. Km3) and bracken ridge village. These two are the best and fastest. There are always players who want to party in front of Km3. Wear your lep, Pty with them and run mine over and over. You can complete the mine in less than 4 minutes if party is average. And under 3 minutes if party good. If party is excellent you can finish within 2 minutes. There are 3 bosses in the mine. All have a good chance to drop locked. You’ll most likely get locked within few runs.
What’s my regime (Or goal)?
I farm “10 locked a day” no matter what. This is my daily quest I made myself. You can farm more in a day if you want. Within a month I’ll get 300. If the price is 10-15k don’t sell it. Wait for the update or patch and when price become 20 -25k now sell it. That’s 6M in month! What’s next? Repeat. Sometimes I buy locked low from CS or from people shouting at towns “selling locked 10k” and hoard. And sell it when price increases.


Buying low and sell high is called merching. To be honest I don’t have luck with merching. I usually ended up losing money. So I won’t recommend merching.

The Midas touch

If everything goes fine you’ll have 100M or more within 1-2 year(seriously). Good luck.

Update - 12/13/14
Hi. I hope you enjoyed my guide. Well here’s some additional info.
Don’t forget to sell all of your locked before February. Why? There is a Leprechaun Weekend in February. If you don’t know what leprechaun weekend is, during this weekend everyone gets luck. And Locked Grand crate of watch drops like crazy. At the same time it’s the perfect time to hoard locked. Lock price will also drop. Good luck.

I'll add some merching tips later

Update - 26/5/2015

Don't hoard locked grand crate of watch anymore. Use events to farm gold

Whats your way of making gold on AL?

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    • iamalegend profile image

      iamalegend 2 years ago from EARTH

      @ardit891 I suggest you to sell all your goblin locks and save the gold for next expansion which is coming soon. Hoarding locks isn't worth anymore. There's nothing to farm. Economy is dead. Wait for expansion is all i can say. The game is not what it previously been. A lot of changed :(

    • profile image

      ardit891 2 years ago

      What should I do? I crafted 60 goblin locks & I have lots of eggs. But I can't do anything with this locked price. What should I farm?

    • iamalegend profile image

      iamalegend 2 years ago from EARTH

      @Redjuno. don't farm or buy anymore locks. the economy of this game is dead. At this stage watch the market and wait for expansion. Don't buy or sell anything

    • profile image

      Redjuno 2 years ago

      Locks are now 2k rip all of us noobs :((

    • profile image

      Prince 2 years ago

      thanks for the tips :)

    • iamalegend profile image

      iamalegend 2 years ago from EARTH

      @slimgyn . nop

    • profile image

      slimgym 2 years ago

      Well ok ty for the tip and wana ask u ur used to play transformice cz ur name ..

    • iamalegend profile image

      iamalegend 2 years ago from EARTH

      it doesn't. check what happened to price of locked on black friday update double odd chance. lock price doubled. Hoard for winter event next if you can. :)

    • profile image

      PELPOL 3 years ago

      well this sucks, because now locks are around 5k. So its not worth farming that much anymore

    • profile image

      Dubzy 3 years ago

      Very good information. Well worth the read