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How To Make Gold in Warlords of Draenor

Updated on June 15, 2016
fluffykin profile image

I've been playing World of Warcrat since 2008 with the launch of The Burning Crusade. I enjoy gold-making and achievement hunting.

Before you can start making gold in WoW you should probably look around on the interwebs for some addons that can help you in your journey. Addons like Trade Skill Master, Auctionator and Auctioneer as well as Postal.

If you are sure that you are ready then we can begin. Don't expect thousands of gold in a minute as those methods are usually fake. In this article you will find how I make gold in Warlords of Draenor and this amount of gold is pretty good since I don't play all that often.

My shaman in her Garrison.
My shaman in her Garrison.

How to Make Gold with the Garrison

One of the new features that were added in Warlords of Draenor is the Garrison and you can use this garrison in your advantage. Not only that it looks cool and you got a place all to your self but it can make you gold too. Here is a basic method:

1. Build a Salvage Yard and Barracks.

The level 3 Barracks will increase your follower number by 5 granting you a total of 25 followers and the Salvage Yard will allow you to get extra loot from follower missions.

2. Send your followers away.

Put your followers to work and make them to the missions that you are too lazy to do. You should always have them gone in missions since this way they will grant you more gold.

3. Open the salvaged boxes in your Salvage Yard.

When you complete the followers missions they sometimes will bring a Big Crate of Salvage and this crate contains all sorts of stuff. Mostly trash but that trash can be sold for gold. Also these boxes can drop WoD epics and they also drop greens/blues from all over the place and if you're lucky you can get some hot Transmog Item.

This is a simple method you can use to get extra gold and the fun part is that it doesn't require team and effort. You just go back to your garrsion, collect the spoils and for another 8 hours you won't have to focus on this method at all, leaving you with time to spend on other methods.

You can do a lot more with your garrison but that will be discussed in another day and in another article so be sure to follow me on Hubpages if you got an account.

How to Make Gold by Farming

If you are a class that can solo dungeons/raids quickly, you can go dungeon farming in the dungeons from previous expansions. They are quite good to farm and they offer a lot of gold compared to the time frame it involves and the fact that it's fun to revisit old content and smash it to pieces with 3 hits.

I never skip Dragon Soul 25 Heroic on my Warrior because it gives an average of 100 gold per boss and this is only the gold drop. You will also get items that you can vendor and one run will grant you well over 1000 gold and it takes no more than 10 to 15 minutes.

Try other dungeons/raids and see what works for your class and gear level.

Solo this Dragon!
Solo this Dragon!

How to Make Gold with Professions

This one should be easy as professions got nerfed a lot in Warlords of Draenor. You can just craft the specific material every day and after a while you can craft an epic item and sell it on the Auction House.


You should look into other business ventures and go for the pre-WoD content. You can get some gold this way too. You can Disenchant items, craft Bags, make Role-Playing/Transmog items and anything else you can think about.

All you have to do is scan your server to find hot items that are in demand and that don't have such a big supply. On some servers I got 10k gold on a level 20 toon by disenchanting green items because Strange Dust stacks were insanely profitable.

I can tell you to do this and that but only you can look what works best for your server in regards to professions.

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How to Save Gold

Saving gold is important too. Before you start making gold, just think of a general goal that you want to achieve. Wheter you want the gold for a mount or for a specific item or you want the gold just for the sake of having gold, think about a number and minimize your expenses until that goal is reached.

Most of the players will make some gold and then spend it all on items and potions and what not and after that they don't have any gold left to pursue business ventures.

So always remember:

Always keep some back up gold!


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    • CYong74 profile image

      Kuan Leong Yong 21 months ago from Singapore

      I think bombarding your way through older raids is the best, most time efficient way to earn gold. Moreover, you can aim for achievements too. And get exotic gear to transmog.

      Not spending gold on gear that would be outdated in the subsequent patch helps a lot too. (I forced myself to accept this)