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How To Make The Stealth Paper Airplane

Updated on October 14, 2009

People who like more advanced paper airplanes will probably like this one - it takes a bit more steps to build than the arrow and most people would say it's looking better.

Don't be afraid to start because of that however. Building even this paper airplane is going to take between 5 and 15 minutes only. It's not like building a rocket. 

Step 1: Make The First Fold

Take a square sheet of paper and make the first fold exactly in the middle of it. This is the central crease that will form the corpse of your Stealth airplane. See the image below for more details.

Step 2: Involve The Scissors In The Game

Now fold the sheet using this central crease. Get the scissors in hand and cut: first cut one inch from the edge, then cut a triangle next to it to form a "teeth". You should get what you see on the following picture:

Step 3: Let's Work On The Body

Now the end that is opposite to the cut one needs two diagonal folds. Make them on the edges about 1-2 inches inside. The ends must meet like shown on the picture.

Step 4: Fold The Bow To The Body

Now this triangle that I call the bow of the airplane should be folded once again and be left completely inside. Use the edges to find the exact place of the fold.

Step 5: More Folds

Now two more diagonal folds are needed: you have newly formed edge in the top size. Fold diagonally near to the other end.

Step 6: Let's Now Really Make A Plane

It's time to use the central crease again. If you have done everything so far correctly, this should be easy: fold from the center to its back.

Final: Fold and Fly!

Now both wings must be formed: fold them about 1-2 sm from the center and to the back. Make sure both wings are equal in size.That's all, your airplane is ready to fly!

And then come to learn a lot more about making a paper airplane


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    • profile image

      mysteryman 6 years ago

      lol cool plane

    • profile image

      jake 7 years ago

      you are good!

    • Kudlit profile image

      Kudlit 7 years ago from Laguna

      If you want to learn how to fold really cool paper airplanes, head on to

      There's 50 designs you can try. They all look nice and they fly well too!