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How To Make a DIY Diaper Cake

Updated on January 18, 2011
This diaper cake is from my personal baby shower when I had my first child.
This diaper cake is from my personal baby shower when I had my first child.

Diaper cakes are a trend that are unsurprisingly showing up at baby showers everywhere. They are a great gift to any expecting mother, and make a very interesting centerpiece or decoration at any shower. Making a diaper cake is not only giving the mother-to-be something practical, but is a great way to show off your creativity, and possibly get some chatter started, everyone is going to want to know who made it, which could lead to getting some customers if you are looking at turning it into a side hobby or income.

Though they look really difficult to assemble, diaper cakes are very easy to make, and don't have to be that expensive.

Things you are going to need:

Diapers - whichever type of diapers are in your budget, and the count depends on how big you want it to be.

Ribbon with wide width - this will be used to wrap around the outside

Ribbon with small width or rubber bands - this will be used to wrap around the individual diapers, type and color does not matter here

Topper - something to put on the very top, such as a cute stuffed animal

Small 'stuffers' - these can be bottles, rattlers, pacifiers, onesies, washcloths, lotions, bath washes... anything small the expecting mother will need

Baby Einstein Diaper Cake
Baby Einstein Diaper Cake

Step 1: To form your tiers you will want to roll up each of the diapers starting with the end that opens up. You can either wrap a rubber band around it, or tie it with a ribbon. I prefer the ribbon, even though it is more time consuming, it's prettier.

Step 2: Assemble each tier by putting your rolled up diapers in a circle, usually 3 tiers is typical of a diaper cake, with the bottom tier being largest, middle being medium, and the top tier being the smallest.

Step 3: Now that you have your tiers assembled, you will want to have a base (completely optional, but it makes it easier to carry as a whole so you don't have to assemble it at the last minute at the party). You can cut out a circular base out of any type of firm cardboard. Place the largest layer of the cake on the base.

Step 4: Place your remaining tiers onto the largest, wrapping them all with your large width ribbon to cover up the smaller ribbon or rubber bands. You can secure them together with wooden dowels inserted into the bottom layer, then carefully stack the remaining tiers onto the dowels.

Step 5: Carefully insert the 'stuffers' or goodies between diapers so they are sticking out and visible, dispersing them evenly over the cake.

Step 6: Finish off with your topper, securing it to the top with pins, or anything else that will prevent it from falling off.

These are wonderful staples to have at any baby shower, and definitely a conversation piece. They are so flexible and can be made to fit any theme, and are just hands down adorable.


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