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How To Build a Gaming Rig

Updated on April 19, 2015

What is gaming rig?

Maybe you're new to gaming and want to buy some console or pc to play some games. You might read or heard a terms called gaming rig. So what is a gaming rig? Gaming rig is a terms we use to call a gaming computers, so it's basically a computer that is optimised to be your gaming machine. It is not just a PC, your gaming rig could be a notebook, or maybe some consoles. In this article, i will give you some advice on how to build a PC gaming rig. Because you know, if you're tight on budget then you should know the advantages and the disadvantages of each parts.

Gaming platform explained

Before we go deeper, you should know that there are lots of gaming platform out there. PC is just one kind, there are consoles like PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo WiiU, and there are handheld type like Game Boy, 3DS, or PS Vita, and there are also Mobile type like Android, and iOS.

Each type of platform has it's own plus and minus. PC offer a wide variety of games, they can be upgraded, and you can fix it easily if something happen. But to have a good PC to play with, you can spend a lot of money in hardware section. Of course you can always build a low-end PC, but how can you play a great game like GTA V, or Far Cry 4. On the other hand, if you want to save your money, than picking a console might be the right choice for you. for less than $500 you can have a PS4 or Xbox One. But, there are no option to customise the hardware. Well, you can change the hard drive to have larger storage but you simply can't change it's RAM, VGA, etc.

You might want to have a mobile gaming platform. Is yes, then there are more options for you to choose. You can pick a handheld game like 3DS if you want to play exclusive Nintendo game like Mario Bros, or PS VITA if you want more serious gaming title. Or maybe you are a casual gamers who likes games like candy crush, line games, then you just need a smartphone. There are also several choice of gaming notebook if you want to bring your PC game title mobile.

I could write more than 3000 words of article if i want to talk about each platform, but what i want to talk right now is a gaming rig. Let's talk about console, and handheld game later. I will talk about building a PC gaming rig now.

What's Inside a gaming rig?

Like i said earlier that gaming rig is basically a computer. So, what's inside it is basically the same as other PC. Basically there are lots of section to be optimised in a pc to be suitable for gaming, but i want you to focus on some section of your pc hardware. Your main focus will be on Processor, Memory, and Graphics Card. What about other section? Well, you can upgrade other section of your PC like upgrading HDD to SSD, or install a liquid cooling system, etc. But if you tight on budget, just focus on Processor, Memory, and Graphics Card only. Why? because those 3 aspects can make a great impact on your gaming experience. I will go through each section one by one.

Intel vs AMD

Intel vs AMD

When building your rig, you will be faced into several hard options. The epic battle in PC is Intel vs AMD. These two basically a market leader for processor, it doesn't mean that there are no other CPU manufacturer, but it seems that other hardware is more compatible with Intel or AMD CPU. Before deciding which one is the brain for your gaming rig, you should read a review or look for user opinion. AMD processor offers cheaper line of products than Intel. Top line of AMD is 30% - 40% cheaper than Intel. So how about the performance? in statistic with the same specs of processor Intel have a better results than AMD. I personally use both of them, and i can tell you that i didn't felt any difference on both of them. I use both processors for gaming, and both of them have good performance. Just remember you should also pick the right motherboard before buying processors, as one motherboard might compatible to one, and not to others. I provided youtube video about Intel vs AMD to help you decide.

Memory Module


How much RAM do i need?

With 64 bit system you can go beyond 32GB, but the question is do you really need that much? The answer is no. The more RAM you have means that your pc have more physical memory, and don't have to rely on virtual memory. The more your machine use physical memory means the more responsible your machine will be. So how much do you need? I would say it depends on your budget. If you low on budget get a minimum of 4GB of RAM, and if you have the budget then get a 16GB or maybe 32GB.

What kind of graphics card do i need?

Graphics card is might be one of the most important thing in your gaming rig. In order to experience a great graphics, you will need a really good graphics cards. Well, the minimum system requirement might in a game might not a high end graphic cards. But, a low end graphics cards won't give you a good gaming experience especially in an AAA game such as GTA V, or Watchdog maybe. So what kind of graphic card do i really need? The answer is it depend on your budget of course, and your kind of game. If you're playing games like Dota2, League of legends, or CS:GO, you will find that even a low end graphics card is enough. Why? because you see it is a multiplayer online game. Some pro gamers even lower their graphics setting to get a more responsive gaming experience. But, if you want to play an AAA game then you really need a good graphics cards. But what if i play both? the answer is check your budget. If you have the money to buy a high end GPU then go for it, it always nice to have a high end stuff in your rig anyway.

There are a battle going on in GPU section, Nvidia vs AMD. Nvidia with its gtx series have been a market leader for a long time, and then there is AMD with its radeon series that offer a cheaper selection with great performance. We can talk about Nvidia and AMD for a whole day, but the decision is yours. There is also other contender in graphic cards, lately lots of notebook manufacturer use Intel graphics card in their product line. Even my retina macbook pro also use an Intel Iris Pro for its graphics card, and so far so good. But, i would'n recommend you to use Intel graphic cards for gaming.


Remember that it is a good thing to do some research before you make your gaming rig, find out what can happen when you use this GPU, or use that SSD, etc. You can list all the best thing in PC Gaming, but at the end you should consider what's the best for your budget. You should also remember that a high end stuff, need high end support too. For example, if you want to use high end GPU, then you'll need good CPU, and also a good PSU because high end GPU uses a lot of power. If you can afford one high end stuff, but can't afford other high end CPU, motherboard, or PSU then you should build a mid end PC rig.


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