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How To Play A World Of Warcraft Hunter

Updated on September 30, 2012
My Hunter Trishmay
My Hunter Trishmay

Playing a WoW Hunter For Noobs

My hunter Trishmay was my first toon in World of Warcraft, and is still my favorite to play for almost 6 years now. I'm by no means a pro at being a hunter I feel I can get you off to right start.


What is a Hunter- A hunter is WoW is a ranged DPS class. We use ranged weapons such as Guns, Bow, and Crossbows along with a animal pets and traps to do a damage. Hunters are one of the easiest class to play and level but at higher lvl's it dose take talent to be a good hunter.

Step 1 in being a Hunter is to pick your race each race has good benefits when picked. I will list them here and there benefits for a hunter.

Humans- Every Man For Hims Self this Racial is thought of as one of the most op racial right now when it comes to pvp. It allows you to break speed altering and trapping effects such a fears, or roots. None humans in pvp will use a trinket to do this but by having the racial you will be able to use that gear slot for something more helpful. Every man for himself has it uses in pvp but not anywhere as close to what you will use it if you choose to play pvp.

Worgan- Darkflight shift from human to their true form, drastically increasing movement speed for a short time. This can be helpful to get away after using disengage to gain distance from melee classes and npcs.

Draenei- Gift of Naaru This is a very small heal, but as hunter have no healing at all but first aid if you chose to lvl it, the heal could help you in those I almost had him moments.

Dwarf- Gun Specialization gives you bounces damage when using guns that could help you out dps another hunter. Stoneform- is good in pvp with a rouge as it neutralizes any poisons, diseases, and bleeding wounds, and adding natural amor.

Night Elf ( what I play)- Shadowmeld- You stay stealth as long as you don't move, very good at getting the drop on someone in pvp, Hiding from mobs or high lvl's from the other faction, and dropping aggro if your FD is on cool down.

Undead- Will of the Forsaken and just like humans can shake off any charm, fear and sleep effects at will. Also has Cannibalize where you can heal by eating dead bodes. witch is helpful while lvling and can be in battlegrounds.

Troll ( if I was to play Hord this is the race I would pick)- Berserking increases attack and casting speed for a short time. Can be good for a increase in burst dps for taking down a boss or a player that only has a small amount life lift.

Tauren- War stomp A small aoe stun, a big help to try and get away from malee in pvp or to try and let let grab aggro in pve.

Orc- Blood Fury will increase attack power for a short time, good for a burst of extra dps.

Blood Elf- Arcane Torrent an disrupt magic, briefly silencing all enemy casters around them can help in tacking down that pesky healer. mage, or warlock in pvp, or in pve on caster mobs.

Goblin- Rocket Jump will lunch you forward a short distance. Good for when disengage in on cd.

( to come) Pandaren may change- Quaking Palm Strikes the target with lightning speed, incapacitating them for 4 seconds. a good cc to help in getting range. Epicurean Your love of food allows you to receive double the stats from Well Fed effects. This will be very helpful when buff stacking for raiding.

After you picked the right race for your play style and what you plan to do in the game it is time to move to step 2

Step 2 Picking The Right Pet for you and what you are doing.

Your pet as a hunter is one of the most important choice you will make. To be a good hunter you must know the difference in the three types of pets and also when and how to use each one and how they help you.

When you choose your pet you pick between 1 of 3 kind of pet. With call pet you can hold up to 5 pets on you at one time so you will always have the right pet for the situation you are in.

Cunning pets- Are Bats, Birds of pray, Chimaeras, Dragonhawks, Monkeys, Nether Rays, Ravagers, Serpents, Spiders, and Wind Serpents. Cunning pets are good for pvp in battlegrounds and arena. They do a medium amount of damage but pets like spiders have good cc. There Talent tree has boars speed it increase your pet speed for 30 secs good on those blinking mages, Bullheaded Removes all movement impairing effects and all effects which cause loss of control of your pet. very useful for those chain fearing priest in battlegrounds, or arena. Dash Increases your pet's movement speed by 80% for 16 sec helpful in getting to you target fast such as a flag carrier.

Ferocity pets- Cats, Core hounds, Devilsaurs, Dogs, Foxes, Moths, Raptors, Spirit Beasts, and Wolves. Ferocity pets are the best Dps pet. You will use these in instances as lvling and in raiding. These pet do a large amount of damage but do not take it well they are best used in a group setting. Has dash to get to your target fast, Heart of the Phoenix a instant pet rez so if your pet dies you can get him back into the fight fast, Rabid will incress your pets damage for 20 sec good for a durst of dps.

Tenacity pets- Bears, Boars, Crabs, Crocolisks, Gorillas, Rhinos, Scorpids, and Turtles. Tenacity pets are the tanks. they are wonderfull for lvling and solo runs. with a Tenacity pets you are like a mini group you act as dps and a tank healer, as your pet tanks the mob for you. With this pet you are able to run content alone at a lower lvl then other classes allowing you to farm transmog gear, gold and achievements alone. Also in lvling you will be able to fly though quest and content that some other classes might have a issue with. Tenacity pets have Blood of the Rhino Increases all healing effects on your pet by 40%, increases your pet's armor by 20%, and reduces your pet's chance to be critically hit by melee attacks by 6%, Great Stamina Increases your pet's total health by 12%, Thunderstomp dose Nature damage to all enemies within 8 yards. This ability causes a moderate amount of additional threat very good for getting and keeping agro on more then one mob.

After you have chosen your pet you must no how to control it. Are it will cause you to die a lot and bring you a very hard time in groups by pulling unwelcome agro. When ever you have your pet out you will have your pet action bar. This bar will have a list of commands like stay, will have some of you pets ability like dash, and also how your pet attacks like passive only attacking when you tell it. Play around with this bar and find out what each dose and set it up to meet your needs. Try each attack command, runaround and shot things see how your pet dose with what, in combat hit passive to learn to recall your pet. It takes a bit of practice to get it but after you do it becomes second nature.

Don't for get to put your pets points in your pets talent tree, These talents help you and your pet. They are just as important as your talents.

Ok so now you got your Hunter, your pet now what

Step 3

Pick your spec- There 3 specs for a wow hunter, all are fun and have there pluses and drawbacks. I'm not going to tell you what to pick because that depends on you but I will tell you what they do.

Marksman- This talent is for a large amount of damage and dps. You can see a list of talents for this tree

Beast Mastery- This talent tree will put out good damage but the main fouces is on your pet and having it do more tanking, and damage. It also lets you tame pets you would not be able to get with out it.

Survival- this is the everything tree. it gives you more defensive ability with a decent amount of dps. This talent might be able to survive more melee attacks, and when things go bad then most other hunters.

To see the Talent trees HERE

Ok you you picked your talent. Now lets talk gear.

Gear- unlike other classes Hunter have a huge selection of weapons to use ( until MOP then you must pick range or melee and I can not see being melee) witch is wonder full because your melee weapon slot is a a stat spot so pick a weapon that stats help you the most. You will also have a range weapon ( Gun, Bow, or Crossbow), 2 twinks, 2 rings, 1 neck, helm, chest, back, shoulder, wrest, waist, legs, feet and gloves. All most all of your armor you will be able to gem and enchant to some point at higher lvls of the game. until lvl 40 you will leather after lvl 40 you will get mail.

As a Hunter the stats you well need is Agility the most and stamina. As you get higher lvl you will need to start stacking Hit until you meet the cap, Crit, haste, and mastery these stats and how much you need will change due to your spec so I'm not going to list amounts here. But over everything put agility anywhere you can.

This should get you going I have left a list of links that are amazing hunter sites to help you study more and find out more information. Good Luck and maybe I will see you in game.

Hunter Tips buy TribunalX Hunter


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    • Trish303 profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Springfield, MO

      Lol yes I'm. it is called Psych Ward on Firetree sever

    • jimp7777 profile image


      5 years ago

      weeeeeeeee i bet your in the best guild huh? :)


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