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How To Play Bubble Witch Saga

Updated on January 20, 2012

Playing Bubble Witch Saga

If your searching for instructions on how to play Bubble Witch Saga then you may have stumbled across the most important article of the day. There are tons of sites out there that are offering tips or videos on how to play this addicting Facebook game. The purpose here is to help you weed through the garbage and learn how to play Bubble Witch Saga.

Tips on playing really do not exist. There is no walk through or secret to solving a level. There are however some advice which I am about to give you here. Of course it's a game on the ever popular site Facebook so you could always make it easier by having some Facebook credits. Buy why pay to play a free game. Not only that it takes all the fun out of game.

Starting out you will notice that this game is just like any other bubble game. You aim and fire colored bubbles at like colored bubbles and they pop. Any bubbles released below, are bonus. Now the key here is that for successful dropped bubbles you release a spider. These spiders come in handy, as they build up points. The more points you get, the more stars you get. Here is a hint: you need at least 1 star in order to move on to the next level. This is it. Basic description of Bubble Witch Saga.

Now it starts getting a bit trickier later in the game. The higher you go the harder the levels get. Something to always keep in mind. For each bubble you shoot and do not match you lose spiders. Remember these spiders are valuable in scoring. Just about level 26 you will have to have 3 friends help you in beating the spell. This has to happen before you can move on. After that you will notice poisonous bubbles. You pop these and they kill the spiders. Which makes it harder to score enough points to get at least one star. You will need at least one bubble witch saga star in order to advance.

Now they say that there happens to be over 100 levels in this game. I am sure they are adding more and more. Here is some advice if you get down to 1 life and want to continue playing. You can earn coins by going back to an easier level and playing it again. Do not worry you will not lose your spot and can come back. You really do not want to lose your last life by playing a difficult level, do you? As for lives, you only get 5. I heard that you can get more later in the game, not sure since I am only on level 29 at the moment.

There you have it. Some information on the Facebook sensational game Bubble Witch Saga. Its simple to play and like it was mentioned before, it can be addictive so be careful. If your looking for some really good tips on how to play Bubble Witch Saga visit Facebook and see what others are saying on the official Bubble Witch Saga fan page.


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    • profile image

      Bloo 4 years ago

      what do the yellow spiders do and how can I use them?

    • gvannorman150 profile image

      gvannorman150 5 years ago from Newark, New York

      Which would be true if I actually owned the game. Contact facebook or the actual owners of the game.

    • profile image

      Marlys moore 5 years ago

      Every time I pay the .99 to get more life's and continue the game I get 5lifes but the timer is still on and I get nothing . You owe me about $10.00 now.

    • profile image

      Kevin 5 years ago

      What are the bubbles with the warts,and how do u due story them

    • profile image

      Maggityb 5 years ago

      I need further instructions I.e, magic potions and other related hels

    • gvannorman150 profile image

      gvannorman150 5 years ago from Newark, New York

      @Linda Ann: Not sure. I have never seen this. Maybe the score is going up by very small increments. You could try sending a message to support to see if they are experiencing any problems.

    • profile image

      Linda Ann 5 years ago

      I pop bubbles and they just pop.spiders fall but my score only goes up sometimes even if I have matched the bubbles.The bubbles don't go down to the pots, What am I doing wrong.

    • profile image

      Kathy 5 years ago

      I have purchased charm of fortune spiders, charm of magic and charm of antidote but I do not know how to access them can you please help me