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How To Play Dice Games

Updated on April 1, 2015

Several years ago before I started writing articles for HubPages, I wrote an online article called "Free Card Games".

Free Card Games

It told readers in four steps how to get a free card game. The first step told how to acquire a free standard deck of playing cards from friends or relatives as a gift or in exchange for doing some chores. The second step told how to find the rules for a card game in a library book, a borrowed book, or online. The third step told how to gather together friends or relatives, or to wait for a family gathering so that you could play the game. The fourth step told how to evaluate the experience. It was written somewhat tongue-in-cheek, but it was a reasonable alternative to downloading a free game app. At least I though so.

Of course you can buy two cheep standard decks of playing cards and a used book of card game rules such as "Hoyle's Rules of Games", and you will have hundreds of card games to try, and it will cost you very little.

Playing Dice Games

With dice, you can easily buy six standard dice, but there are very few books specifically containing dice game rules. But you can buy a used book with rules for a variety of games. Three that I own are "The Encyclopedia of Games" compiled by Barb Whiter, "The New Games Treasury" by Merilyn Simonds Mohr, and "The Way to Play" by the Diagram Group.

Books With Dice Game Rules

Each book has a section with dice game rules. Some books have separate sections containing rules for regular and gambling dice games.

Some familiar dice games I have found are Cootie, Farkle, Shut the Box, and Yacht. In each book listed above, you will find over a dozen regular dice games to try as well as several gambling games.

Each book also has rules for written games, card games, domino games, board games including checkerboard games, etc. So each book is a good source of a variety of games for families and friends.


So playing dice games (and other games) may be easier than you think.


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