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How To Play Free Claw Machine Game Called "Get The Toy"

Updated on August 12, 2014

UPDATE 2/20/2014 The game may not be currently available online but it is now an app which you can get at and I am keeping this hub published because it still has useful information for playing this fun claw game!

Learn how to play this entertaining game. Get tips for scoring more points. If you enjoy claw machines you should give this virtual game a try.

I won 2 bears in 1 attempt in GET THE TOY
I won 2 bears in 1 attempt in GET THE TOY
  • Free to play
  • Certain prizes have "surprising" actions
  • 20 levels of game play with increasing levels of challenge
  • Exciting music & cute virtual prizes
  • Earn Achievement Points by performing certain tasks
  • Realistic graphics with physics-puzzle motion
  • Keeps track of high scores

Where to Find "Get the Toy"

When you're ready, click "play" to go to the main menu.

When its done loading it should look like this
When its done loading it should look like this

Main Menu

After you click the "play " button the main menu will appear which has

  • Play
  • Achievements
  • Credits
  • More Games

TIP If you want to return to the main menu during your game, click on the pause button.

The main menu should look like this:

When you're ready, click "play" to start your game on the Progress page

The Progress Page

This page shows your progress through all 20 levels. In the beginning all levels except for the 1st level will be locked. You have to grab the "target" toy in each level before you can unlock the next one.

TIP If you want to reset your progress level during the game, hit the "reset progress" button at the bottom of this page.

The Progress page should look like this:

When you're ready, click on level 1 and it will load.

Controlling the Claw

Hit spacebar or click on the yellow right arrow to make the claw move. It will sway back and forth over the prizes.

Hit spacebar again or click on the yellow down arrow to drop the claw which will grab and then return to the chute.

Level 1

You have 3 virtual coins so you have 3 attempts to grab the prize. On each level you will see a picture of the "target" toy that you must grab in order to move to the next level. The picture of the "target" toy is in the bottom right hand corner.

If you get the "target" toy on the first try, you still have to play 2 more times so you use all 3 of your attempts. Use your extra tries to grab other prizes and you will get bonus points to increase your score.

TIP If you fail to grab the target prize, you will not pass on to the next level but you can retry.

I receive an "achievement" for getting a toy despite water

Earn Higher Scores

When you complete each level, you will receive 1 - 3 stars depending how high you scored. As you play you can increase your score by grabbing extra prizes if you have attempts left after you get the "target" toy.

You can also earn "achievements". For example, if you

  • Get 2 toys in 1 attempt
  • Get 20 stars
  • Get a toy despite water (see my video)

TIP To see how many achievements you've gotten, pause your game and go to the main menu and select "achievements" which will show you the ones you have already earned .

My final score from March 2012
My final score from March 2012

Your Final Score

You will see your full score after you complete the 20th level. On this page you can

  1. Go to Main Menu
  2. Submit your score - you will have to sign up for
  3. More games

My score was 23700

I think this game is very entertaining.

For years I have been searching the web to find free claw machine games. For more games see my other hubs at

Grapplomat - Claw Machine With A Taste For Revenge

Catch A Toy - A Fun Claw Machine Game You Can Play on the Web for Free

If you get stuck you can view this walkthrough from It doesn't have every step but it does show some good playing skills that could help y

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