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How To Play Mist Survival

Updated on May 1, 2019

The Game : Surviving on a Simulated Apocalyptic Environment.

When you start the game, make sure to loot your starting area. You will need the match for cooking. Food is number one in survival. Eating raw food will cause food poisoning.

To do this, move closer to and hover over the object, when the command prompt appears, click E to pick up the object. To open the box, hover over it and click E. Once it is open, click F to loot all the objects contained in it. You will find a match which you will need for cooking later. The bag is for more spaces/slots in your inventory. Type F to grab it.

Then find a house as your base. Select the one where zombies/infected cannot get in and has cabinets. Open the cabinet by clicking E and dragging the objects you looted/collected to it so you to free up space when you go out and start looting again.

Turn off autosave. Save when you see fit.

Surviving the first few days by looting and collecting what you need

Check the car trunk for food, water, and supplies. The cars whose trunks cannot be opened, you can break it down using an ax and will give you lots of components, metal scraps, and car parts which you will use it crafting things you need later.

Check the buildings with no zombies/ infected as well. Check the floors, cabinets and bags.

Daytime starts at 5:00 am and ends at 7:30 pm. When it is daytime and the birds are chirping, it is safe to loot in areas with no zombies or infected. You can hear their growling outside of the room where they are hiding during daylight.

In the meantime, avoid combat.

When you see or hear the bear, sprint until it is no longer following you. To do this, hold forward arrow and shift (the default controls are WASD, you can set this to whatever suits you, I chose the arrow keys to move forward, back, left and right).

When the mist starts to set in and the chirping of the birds is replaced by a sound of pending doom, look for a safe structure, close the door and hide and wait it out until the mist passes.

Make sure to loot food, water, and crafting and combat tools and pretty much everything has its use.

The cars whose trunks cannot be opened, you can break it down using an ax and will give you lots of components, metal scraps and car parts you need.

Attend to your health bar.

Make sure it is full. If it gets depleted, you will be unconscious and reviving will make you lose your supplies. Health bar goes down when you are starving or thirsty for a long time, or the fatigue bar has been diminished due to lack of sleep/ rest. It goes down fast as well when you are wounded in combat.

To keep, your health bar full, you will want to pay attention to three things: Food, Water and Sleep/Rest.

Use the combat knife to get as many tree bark as you want.

How to have supply of safe water in Mist Survival

Move a workbench to your base or make one by clicking B and selecting the workbench option, collect the materials and tools needed and start to build by typing E. Next, build a water purifier. Then in the workbench, make a pail. Once it is finished, move the pail from the inventory to the tool slot. Go to the nearest lake, select the number of the slot you put your pail in, then click E to fill up. Do not drink the water in the lake because it is unsafe and will cause food poisoning.

Using your combat knife, get a tree bark from a tree. Then cut the tree and pick up the logs. Once you return to your base, type I and using the saw cut the logs into firewood. Then go to your water purifier, and type E to interact with the water purifier. Drag the pail of water from the tools slot to the water purifier slot, pour 10 liters of water. Make sure you have 1 match, 4 tree barks, and 4 firewood. Then click Ignite.

Put your water bottle in its slot and wait for the safe to drip and you can get clean water. This will take a long time so you can do other things while the water purifier is doing its work and come back later to fill your water bottles with clean water.

Repeat the process and you have an unlimited supply of water. You can put all of these water in a water barrel by moving a water barrel or building one by again typing B.

List of what you need to purify water:

  1. A pail of water from the lake

  2. A match

  3. 4 tree barks

  4. 4 logs

  5. A water bottle

    When you cut a tree with an ax, you get logs, leaves, tree branches, and tree barks. But if you only need the tree bark, use the combat knife, it is faster and you can get as much tree bark as you want

How To Cook in Mist Survival

Build a campfire by typing B and selecting campfire. Collect the materials needed then start building your campfire by coming closer to it, hover over and type E.

Next build a grill. Again type B and select grill. Position it over the camp fire and start building. Make sure you have the materials and tools to build.

Hover over the grill, type E to interact. Fill these slots with the needed materials

  1. Starter - 1 match

  2. Tinder - a tree bark

  3. Accelerant - biofuel

  4. Fuel - logs

Click ignite

Wait for the meat to be cooked just right, then click and drag to inventory which you can then stock inside your cabinets. The food will decrease in quality through time so make sure you consume them before it turns zero.

How to Sleep in Mist Survival

When you just started the game and fatigue bar is depleted, you may have to sleep on the floor by typing 7.

But once you have collected enough materials, you can build a bed by typing B and selecting bed. Once done, just hover over the bed, type E, select a number of hours and then sleep/rest.

Your health will be fine as long as you keep the food, thirst and fatigue bar up. When you get wounded in combat with a bear, bandits or zombies/infected, your health bar will go down. If not attended to will leave you unconscious.

Stay alive!

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