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How To Play Online Poker and Win

Updated on February 28, 2013

A winning poker hand you dream of getting

4000 to 1 chance!
4000 to 1 chance!

Poker takes a lot of discipline

Before I start this article I want to point out that it is not my intention to get you hooked on gambling with online poker. I write this article because I personally enjoy a game of poker once in a while and recently needed to give my brother some advice on playing poker online for money.

Many people play poker online just for fun in places like Facebook. My brother told me that he has a great time playing poker on Facebook for free but he also told me that you can buy millions of pretend dollars to play with for a very small fee. I had to ask. "How much do you spend on pretend chips each month Bro?" He told me he spends about $30 a month, sometimes a little more and sometimes a lot less.

If you are going to spend real money playing for fun with no chance of winning anything back then what's the point? Where is the excitement factor? You might just as well be playing online poker for real money.

You don't need a huge bank balance to play in online casinos for real money, what you MUST do is be realistic and set yourself a limit. If you can only afford to spend $30 a month on poker then make sure that's all you spend, no matter what. If you can't control your spending then stay away for the sake of your family and friends, gambling is a mugs game and a total waste of money.

To start with you must learn the game of poker inside out. Most online poker websites have tutorials and advice from the pro's, absolutely read them all, twice. It also helps if you know the odds of getting certain hands so you don't throw money away on a hand that has virtually no chance of coming up etc. Print off a poker guide or two and have them in front of you while you play.

You can play poker online for as little as 5 cents a hand and everyone who is new to playing poker for real money must start here. Playing for real money is completely different to playing for pretend money, it's a different game altogether and you must learn to be patient.

Playing for very small stakes means you will be playing against inexperienced poker players and this is good because you will win more often. Don't get impatient and try to go for big money by playing on higher stake tables before you are ready as you will most certainly lose. Poker has a long learning curve, be patient. My advice is to play small stakes for at least 3 months then gradually move up the stakes tables one at a time until you are confident that you know you can beat people at that level most of the time before you up the stakes again.

If you find yourself in a postition after 3 months of losing most of time on the lowest stakes tables then online poker really isn't for you, either give up or carry on playing with your monthly budget if you are enjoying yourself.

Set yourself a daily limit and when you lose that set amount of money don't try to win it back, try again tomorrow. Also set yourself a realistic daily win target so that when you reach it walk away and play again tomorrow.

This is how it works.

You have $3 a day to spend and set yourself a win target of $10 (realistic)

You lose $3, walk away and try again tomorrow with another $3

You win $10, walk away and play tomorrow with $3 again, no more! If you lose $3 tomorrow you walk away again otherwise you will never make a profit at the end of the month.

Because you win $10 one day does not mean you have $10 to play with the next, you are missing the point. If you break your own daily spending limit then you are going to be in trouble and heading for big losses. Think about it, if you win $10 one day and can only lose a maximum of $3 a day then you have 3 days to try and make another $10 without losing any money at all. You have a good chance of making money this way and I followed this system myself and made $80 in my first month.

With a healthy balance of $110 in your online casino account at the end of the month you can now up your spending limits slightly to $5 a day with a target of $15 a day win.

Be careful! Don't go mad. If you've quickly got $200 in your account after winning poker hands all the time then don't be gready and try to win big cash with your new found false sense of card skills. You may have just been lucky and had a good run of winning poker hands. If you suddenly try and play the big boys because you think you are the bees knees then you are in for a bruising, I mean it.

Online Poker is a game of chance, you can win hand after hand but you can also easily lose day after day after day.

What makes a poker player a pro? Discipline and patience combined with common sense, know your limits and you too can enjoy online poker.


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