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How To Play The Board Game Quartette

Updated on February 24, 2015

Quartette is a board game for two players.

Game Board and Playing Pieces

It is not a checkerboard game, but it can be played on a checkerboard. It is played on a 4-by-4 layout of squares which can be found at any corner of a checkerboard. It uses eight playing pieces, four each of two colors, which can be checkers.

Of course you can draw the board on a sheet of paper,

and use four pennies (dark) and four nickels (light) as playing pieces.

Game Setup

One player takes one dark and one light playing piece, and places one in each closed hand. The other player then chooses a hand and the playing piece in that hand, and uses the playing pieces of that color during the game.

Place the playing pieces on the top and bottom rows of the board alternating colors as shown in the opening picture of this article.

Game Rules

Then the two players take turns playing beginning with the player with the light playing pieces. On each turn, move one of your playing pieces horizontally or vertically one square to an adjacent empty square. You cannot move a playing piece diagonally.

Continue until one player has all four playing pieces in a row horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. That player wins the game.


Quartette is a simple, quick, and challenging game. Give it a try.


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