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How To Play A New Card And Dice Game Matchable

Updated on November 10, 2014

Standard playing cards and standard dice are similar since playing cards have a rank from one to thirteen and a pair of dice have a roll total from two to twelve.

I don't know of any games that use playing cards and dice except Shut The Box where the tiles on the box could represent playing cards. So I created a new game called Matchable. It's similar to Shut The Box.

Card Layout

Matchable uses a layout of playing cards. The layout is a rectangle of cards, four rows of cards each with six cards.

You match cards in the layout that form a string of cards that touch horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. You can for instance match three cards where the first and second card are side-by-side, and the second and third card touch corner to corner.

Here are some more examples:

How to Play

Matchable is a card and dice game that can be played by two to six players using a pair of standard dice and a standard deck of playing cards. In this game, you try to match dice roll totals to playing card values.

Seat the players around the table, and place the cards and dice on the table. Separate the cards into two small decks, each with two suits. Remove the Kings from each of the small decks.

Then each player rolls the dice, and the player with the high roll becomes the starting player. If more than one player has the high roll, those players re-roll until one player has the high roll.

The starting player shuffles one of the small decks, and builds the layout at the center of the table. The cards in each row are laid from left to right, and the rows are built from top to bottom.

Then the players take turns playing beginning with the starting player and moving clockwise around the table.

On your turn, throw the two dice and look for a card or string of two or three cards in the layout that match the total rolled. If there is a string of cards, the sum of the ranks must equal the dice total.

If you find a match, remove the card or cards from the layout, and place them on your match pile near your place at the table.

If you don't find a match, say "Pass".

Continue playing until there are six passes in a row. Then each player counts their match cards. The first player to the left of the starting player with the lowest count becomes the new starting player for the second round.

The new starting player removes the remaining cards from the layout and sets them aside. This player then shuffles the second small deck of cards, and creates a new layout.

Then the players take turns playing beginning with the new starting player and moving clockwise around the table.

Continue playing until there are again six passes in a row. The players then count their match cards from both rounds.

The player who matched the most cards wins the game.


This game can also be played as a solitaire game.


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