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How To Play A New Card Game Lazy Susan

Updated on December 28, 2014

I created a new card game called Lazy Susan based on a simple traditional card game called Go Bang. The game Go Bang is similar to Crazy Eights because you can play a card that has the same suit or rank as a previously played card, and the game is won by the first player to get rid of her or his cards. But cards with a rank of Eight have no special significance in Go Boom, and the game is played as a series of tricks.

Let me start with the rules for Go Boom.

Go Boom Rules

Go Boom can be played by two to six players with a standard deck of playing cards, or by up to 12 players with two decks. The object of the game is to be the first player to get rid of his or her cards.

Shuffle the cards. Then each player selects a card, and the player with the highest rank card (Two is low and Ace is high) becomes the dealer. If more than one player has a card with the same high rank, those players continue to select cards until one player has the highest card.

The dealer reshuffles the cards, and then deals them one at a time starting with the first player to the dealer's left and moving clockwise around the table until each player has seven cards. The dealer lays the remaining cards in a face-down pile at the center of the table as the draw pile.


Then the players play a series of tricks where each player plays one card to each trick.

The player to the left of the dealer plays the first card to the first trick by laying it face-up near her or his place at the table. Then each of the other players moving clockwise around the table lays a card face-up. The card must have the same suit or rank as the last card that was played.

If a player does not have a card with the same suit or rank, that player must draw cards from the draw pile until he or she finds a card with that suit or rank. The player then plays that card. If the draw pile runs out of cards, the player says 'pass' without laying down a card.

Continue until each player has played a card or passed. The card with the highest rank wins the trick. If two or more cards have the same high rank, the first card played to the trick wins the trick.

Next Trick

The cards played to the trick are gathered together and placed aside, and are no longer used in the game. The player who won the trick plays the first card to the next trick.


Continue playing until one player runs out of cards. That player wins the game, and says 'Boom'.

Lazy Susan

Lazy Susan uses most of the same rules as Go Boom. But the object of Lazy Susan is to avoid being the last player with cards. The rules are different in several places.

If a player does not have a card that matches the suit or rank of the last card played to a trick, the player draws one card from the draw pile. If that card has a suit or rank that matches, the card is played to the trick. Otherwise, the player places the card in her or his hand and says 'pass'.

And when a player runs out of cards, the game continues. Cards are played to tricks until just one player has a card or cards left to play. That player becomes the Lazy Susan, and loses the game.


This end-game makes Lazy Susan similar to Old Maid. And like Go Boom, Lazy Susan is a simple card game.


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