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How To Produce Your Own Halloween Murder Mystery Party Game

Updated on October 22, 2016
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Halloween Murder Mystery Script


Michael Mayer is a psychopath who, in his younger years, was "experimenting" with animals. When his older brother Nicolas and his wife Suzy confronted him with his strange behavior, Michael freaked out. He drugged both Nicolas and Suzy with chloroform, went to buy a bunch of piranhas and threw them in the pond... together with Nicolas and Suzy. Three year old Vanilla and four year old Rudy - the daughter and the son of Nicolas and Suzy - saw with their own eyes some of the horror, but they were too young to understand what was really going on. Only many years later - Rudy and Vanilla grew up in different foster homes - they realized that their uncle was responsible for the fact that they were growing up without parents.

Because of his sadistic tendencies, Michael was locked up in a mental asylum (but nobody knew he had killed his brother and sister-in-law). After nearly thirty years, the doctors proclaimed him "cured". However, Michael states now that the character of "Michael Myers" in the famous Halloween film series was loosely based on the story of his life. He has found a job as an actor in murder mystery and horror weekends, where he has to show up as a Real Life Psycho and has to scare people with his reputation, his lurid jokes and death threats. The name of the game is: "How to Survive an Evening with Michael Mayer?"

Vanilla and/or Rudy once swore to avenge their parents and to kill the man who destroyed their life. Separately, they already made several attempts to murder Michael, but they all failed. Michael does not know whether it is Vanilla or Rudy, who is trying to eliminate him. And since Vanilla and Rudy have lost contact with each other after the murder of their parents, they don't know from each other's earlier attempts to kill Michael.


And we are at your Murder & Mystery Game, organized by an event agency! Psycho Michael Mayer, released from the asylum, tries to earn a living by playing "the story of his life". He doesn't know that one or two of the players is in fact his niece Vanilla and/or his cousin Rudy, whose parents he has slaughtered years ago. When Michael is stabbed to death, the other participants have to figure out who among them has killed Michael Mayer, or in other words: who among them is Rudy and/or Vanilla.

That's what the game is all about... Normally, the part of Vanilla and/or Rudy is played by an actor or an actress and Michael is not murdered for real, of course (though he has killed the parents of Rudy and Vanilla for real, years ago!). However this time, the real Vanilla and/or Rudy are among the participants in the game... and one of them has killed Michael for real, or maybe they have done it together.

The players again have to find out who among them is Vanilla and/or Rudy, and who has killed Michael Mayer... but This Is Not A Game anymore!


You can play this Halloween Murder Game with 10 to 30 players, or even more. At the beginning of the game, each player receives a "secret document" with one or more tasks and a form with "information" on the other players. These tasks and the information are meant to make the other players "suspects". When they have not the right age to be possibly Vanilla or Rudy, there has to be some other connection with Michael: they have been in the asylum where he was, or they too were his victim, or they had a close relative who was supposedly murdered by Michael. Or here is some connection with Vanilla or Rudy, so they can be paid by Vanilla or Rudy to commit the murder. (Follow the link to some samples of an Invitation, Registration Form, Special Tasks and Personal Files of the Murder Mystery Game.)


Michael Mayer can be played live, or you can make a "video message" with an actor. In that case, his body can be found, poisoned, in the house, in the woods... wherever you like. Or someone can receive a phone call from "the police" who has found his body. Michael is on a salt free diet and has to take medication too, for his weak hart... He had a lethal dose of "digitalis".

The real Vanilla Mayer (Darla Smith): her parents gave her the name "Vanilla" when they discovered that their newborn daughter especially loved the vanilla perfume that her mother always wore. Vanilla was really mad at everything with a vanilla aroma or taste. Her love for vanilla became even stronger after the death of her mother, because the smell of vanilla reminded her of her mother. Her terrible childhood trauma turned her into a most dangerous woman.

From an interview of Michael Mayer, the notorious psycho, Vanilla Mayer has learned that the killer of her parents is now working as a "special guest" in Halloween & Murder Mystery Weekends. Because of his heart disease, Michael has to take a specific medication ("digitalis") and he is on a salt-free diet too. Vanilla seeks revenge and plans to poison Michael with a lethal dose of his own poison. She uses a false name: "Darla Smith".

The real Rudy Mayer (Sam Kent): Rudy has taken the first name of his favorite Halloween movie character, Dr Sam Loomis, and the family name of his foster parents (Kent). He has some silly and annoying tics, and being a super-fan of the Halloween movie series, he wants everyone all the time to look at the viewer and watch his Halloween movie collection. That's his way to deal with his childhood trauma. Rudy is also constantly making pictures and so, it is Rudy who will have the evidence, without knowing it, that Vanilla has murdered Michael. He has taken a picture of Vanilla throwing digitalis in Michael's salt free soup...

Rudy doesn't know Vanilla is his sister, and Vanilla doesn't know he is her brother.

You also need an actor or an actress (or both) who plays the part of the fictitious Rudy and Vanilla, someone from the murder event office and, eventually, someone from the police.


Vanilla/Darla is the first to arrive at the Murder Mystery Party Dinner. She takes a look in the fridge and finds a salt-free plate of food and a bowl of soup with Michael's name on it. She throws a lethal dose of "digitalis" in the soup. Rudy/Sam shows up, making pictures. Vanilla doesn't know he has also taken a picture of her throwing the digitalis in the soup.

If you don't have a "live" Michael, his character dies before the players arrive. In that case Michael has left them a video message. If you do have a "live" Michael, he can have a speech before dinner.

If you work with a "live" Michael, he feels unwell shortly after dinner, and goes outside to get some fresh air. Some time later he calls the youngest male participant on his mobile, asking to come looking for him, together with anyone younger than 30... because either Vanilla or Rudy has to be in the house, and they must be older than 30. Unless, of course, they have an accomplice among the participants... Michael feels he will be dead soon...

All persons younger than 30 go searching for Michael, but they don't find him anymore. Later that evening, there is a phone call from the event office: the body of Michael Mayer was found along the road, well away from the house where the Murder Mystery is taking place. The police suspect that Michael was poisoned. There will come soon (or tomorrow morning) an inspector to the house, to see what exactly is going on there. It is important that everyone in the group should have expressed by then his or her suspicions, so their conclusions can be submitted to the inspector. Clearly, the perpetrator is one of them, no one should therefore leave the house!

Later that evening, or the next morning, there is a kind of group discussion, where anyone can say who they think committed the murder. Then the inspector arrives, who in the meantime has done also some research... He can confirm that Darla is in fact Vanilla, and Sam Kent actually Rudy Mayer.

Michael Myers

Halloween Make Up


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    • profile image

      Poonam 3 years ago

      Hi, we did the Halloween Horror mystery at my Halloween party, and I wntead to let you know it was a complete hit! Everyone loved it, and I'm already getting inquiries about the company for people who want to do their own parties. Thanks so much for creating such a great product and for the amazing customer service you guys offer. I'll definitely be doing this again at some point down the road.

    • profile image

      Murder Mystery 7 years ago

      interesting hub, thanks for the idea!