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How To Sell Your Sports Cards

Updated on September 27, 2009


 If you are reading this article you probably have some sports cards you are looking to sell. This article will attempt to help you in trying to sell those cards you have been wanting to sell. The first thing you will want to do is to sort your cards.


The first thing you will want to do is sort them by type of sport. Put each sport in its own stack. Baseball with baseball, Hockey with Hockey, ect.

Next you will want to sort by brand such as topps, fleer, ect.

After that you will want to do is sort each sport out by player. Put each player in his own stack. Like with sorting the sports type.

Next you will want to seperate the popular players from the less popular ones. Put the less popular ones seperate from the popular ones.

Once you have the popular players seperated you will want to check for rookies and other valuable individual cards. Set these ones aside near the stack you took them from.

You may also want to check for complete sets as well. You can further seperate these and set them aside as well.

After they are all sorted you will want to price your cards.

Pricing your cards

Before you start pricing your cards you will want to grade them. We have some books available on the links on this page that can help you. after they are graded you can start to price them.There are a number of ways to price your cards. This section will cover a few.

The first way I would suggest is to get a price guide such as beckett. You can get one from the links on this page. With a price guide you can get a general idea of the value of your cards and know wheather or not you want to further research the cards value. I would look up each card in the price guide and seperate the ones that are worth your time from the ones that are not.

The next way is to check ebay's closed auctions. You will get a more realistic estimate of the price you can get as this is generally what someone has paid for the card recently. You can then judge whether it is worth your time to try to sell it.

The final way i will sugest it to get your cards appraised. This can be pricey so I would research in price guides and online before you go to an apraiser and see if it is worth the cost. When a card is appraised it can sell for more.

Once you have established a price it is time to sell.


 There are a number of ways to sell your cards here are a few ideas.

The first way I would suggest is ebay. With ebay you have access to millions of potential buyers. If you choose this option make sure you know the fees before you sell your cards. The fees can eat your profits if you are not careful. I would not suggest selling anything under $5 on this site. You could also try sports buy. They do not charge a listing fee las I checked.

The next way I would suggest is to sell to other collectors. If you sell directly to a collector you don't have to pay any fees and you could get more money than from an auction. Go to card collecting clubs or sports fan clubs, trade shows, ect and you could possibly find buyers.

Another way is to sell directly to a dealer. A dealer will only give you a fraction of what your card is worth but it is a quick sale and you can get some instant cash. If you want to get the most money you can I would not suggest this option.

The last way I am going to suggest is auction houses. Check with local and national auction houses and see if they do sports card auctions. They will probably want high value cards. This is a good option for big ticket and rare cards.


If you have extra cards that you can not unload you could sell them in bulk on ebay or you could give them away on freecycle or craigs list. Remember though that not every card will be able to be sold.


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    • Sports Cards profile image

      Sports Cards 8 years ago from North Carolina

      Thanks for the good information. Another good place to sell cards is on Sports Buys website.