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How to Trade Honor Points for Arena Points

Updated on April 5, 2017
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Melody is a gaming enthusiast who loves playing apps. She has played OAC for many years. Jade enjoys clowning around and mount hunting.

The Arena Point token costs 500 Honor Points. OAC online PvP.
The Arena Point token costs 500 Honor Points. OAC online PvP. | Source

We see them in Order and Chaos PvP, the wings and S3 gear, and we know we are about to get whalooped. The key to becoming them is getting enough PvP resilience gear so we can use our skills to win. One of the best sets to do this with is S2, or S 2.5 gear. You need to farm dungeons for the Season 2.5 gear, so the simplest way is to collect your S2 set.

This set is known as the Merciless Combatant set, which costs arena points. Every time you PvP you are earn honor points, and these points are traded in for the arena points you will use to buy your s2 gear. With PvP gear, you will begin to win more. After that you can gain rank, and use honor points to buy S3 gear.

Up until that point you trade currencies so that you can purchase the Merciles Combatent set. Remember to start with two pieces of the set, which does not include the feet, so that you can get the 150 resilient set bonus. You can worry about rings, necks and trinkets after that.

Honor Points
Arena Points
= 1500
One Cap Is

What Is The Honor To Arena Point Conversion?

Gameloft has given us a pretty fair honor to arena point conversion. For every 500 honor points you will receive 1500 arena points. When you make the trade you will be given a token, which will give you the 1500 arena points. When you click on the token, the points are directly converted. You must click on this token, which will be placed in your bag after you have spent the honor points.

When you PvP, you earn honor points until you have earned 1500 honor points. You are then given a reward chest, which could contain a tab that will help you gain more honor. If you have no tabs, you can cap, or fill, your arena points once a day. When you work out the math that means that your 1500 honor points will convert into 4500 arena points.

That means you can earn your PvP gloves in about 4 days. After a couple weeks, you will have two pieces, which will help you win more battles because you will have the 150 resilient set bonus. Plus the resilience on each set piece. If you still want to add resilience, you can spend a hundred and fifty gold to open a blue slot (in the gear), and add a resilience gem. I recommend not adding anything under a level 3 resilince gem.

In Order and Chaos online, trade honor points for arena points in the Still Ladder or Glory Plaza in Greenmont.
In Order and Chaos online, trade honor points for arena points in the Still Ladder or Glory Plaza in Greenmont. | Source

Where Do I Trade in Honor Points For Arena Points?

There are two vendors in OAC where you can year your honor points for arena points. They are located on opposite ends of Greenmont. One is at Glory Plaza and the other is at the Still Ladder. They are located around the other PvP vendors. You can recognize them by the green bread icon over their heads.

They are the same vendors who sell arena potions and food. It doesn't matter which one you use, they both convert the currencies the same. Of you don't have free will yet, pick it up from the vendor in the Still Ladder. Free will is a spell you need in PvP.

In both locations you will find vedors for blue S 1.5 gear, which costs arena points, too. I don't recommend this set, unless your just substituting it for a piece or two. I think it's best to just take your lumps, and get the Merciless Combatant set.

You will also find the S2 Merciless Combatant set here, and the Glorious Victor S3 set. One of the NPC's, with a yellow bubble over their had will explain the rank you will need for your S3 set. How much S2 you will need before you start saving for s3 depends on the quality of your partners, cless and your own skill.

S2 Mili Monk set, Merciless Combatant.
S2 Mili Monk set, Merciless Combatant. | Source

Wrapping It Up

As you can see, it is easier to get PvP gear then it had ever been. You don't have to spend months and millions to gear up. You just need to have patience, consistency and a little knowledge.

The various PvP tabs wool help you along your way. Make use of the free ones in game, and you will be epic before you know it. The key is to not give up.

As you journey through PvP, keep your eyes peeled for a class and skill combination that leads to the most wins. Of course there maybe some nights when you just have to suck of up, and take your losses. If there are a lot of S3's in the arena, you may want to let them cap before you enter.

PvP is lots of fun, the trick is getting better gear. Don't rely on gear alone. Once you live long enough to use skills, then keep working hard. Gear might go a long way, but skill will take you further.

Trade Honor Points For Arena Points

© 2014 Jade Griffin


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    • profile image

      Kirigato 2 years ago

      based on my calculations, s2 costs more than s2.5, so whats the point of getting s2?

    • profile image

      flameknightel 2 years ago

      hi dragonbringer. first of all i wanted to say how awesome your posts are. it really helps me a lot in oac. but i have some problem with the honor points. i bought the token which says immediately get 1500 arena points for a few times. but my honor points on my stats and arena points still have the same amount after i use em. it just decreases after i bought it. or maybe in the new update its autochange to arena point ? im new so i dont really know how it works before. please help :)

    • profile image

      Warrior 3 years ago

      Thank you for your quick reply! I would just like to add that your blog is not just useful, but also beautifully written. Keep us the good work, we really appreciate it! The game is great, but you can find no official, up to date guidance whatseoever. We are lucky to have people like you who care to share their knowledge and useful tips with us!

    • TheDragonBringer profile image

      Jade Griffin 3 years ago

      Yikes, wish i could help. From what i understand windows does not have all the updates yet. I hope you get them soon. :(

    • profile image

      Warrior 3 years ago

      There's no arena point token in the windows version of the game. Both Glory Plaza and Still Ladder vendors only sell arena potions and food. I can't figure out how to convert my honor points to arena points. Please help!

    • TheDragonBringer profile image

      Jade Griffin 3 years ago

      Good question. Each day you get Honor points, up to 1500 of them. When you cap, you get a chest and your points reset. However, your honor points can still be found under your character list amd at the s3 vendors. When you convert your Honor points to arena points, your points are held but you can only see how many you have at the vendor. They should change that, my opinion of course. When you use a tab, it only resets daily honor points. You can see your total Arena points and Honor points in one of the ways listed above. Does that answer your question?

    • profile image

      Brennan 3 years ago

      What happens to those 1500 arena points once you use the tab?