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How To Use A Sixaxis PS3 Controller to Play PS1 Games on Your Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 or Samsung Galaxy S3

Updated on December 7, 2012

In a previous Hub, I described how one could play PS1 games on their Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. The same guide could be used to play games on a Samsung Galaxy S3.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1


Samsung Galaxy S3


In order to use a SixAxis PS3 controller on either your tablet or your SGS3, you will need the following:

  • Either a tablet or a SGS3 [must be rooted otherwise it WON'T work!]
  • An OTG connector [see photos as the one for Tabs is not the same for SGS3]
  • SixAxis wireless PS3 controller
  • SixAxis controller app [Google Play, this a paid app!]
  • A computer [this should be one running Windows preferably as my instructions are for Windows].
  • The SixAxis pairing tool for Windows [found here]
  • The cable to charge your PS3 controller [ the USB one]

Once you have all of these, let the setup begin!

**IMPORTANT** Once again, I need to emphasise the importance of using a rooted device. Without this, the controller cannot pair with the tab/SGS3 and it will fail.

Before you start, you can grab the free version of SixAxis controller here. This version will allow you to test to see whether or not your device can use a SixAxis controller. Because I own both of these devices, I know they will work!

Now that you've tested, you can install the full, paid version from the SixAxis Controller link in the list and the version for the PC. Then run the version on your PC, connect the cable and pair the controller with a Bluetooth master code. This code will be entered on the Android device too.

Once you've paired the controller with the PC, connect the USB cable and controller to the OTG cable for your device. Open the SixAxis controller app and click pair. Make sure that the Bluetooth code matches the one on your PC. Once this is complete, click Start. The app will ask for root permissions [must be granted to use the app], and the controller will vibrate in your hand once it's been paired with the device.

When this is done, unplug the OTG cable and USB cable. The controller will still work with the device. Go to the ePSXe application [if you don't have this, see my previous hub], and set the preferences of your controller [you'll need to map out each button on the controller to that on the screen].

Now you can play PS1 games on your tablet or SGS3 using a SixAxis PS3 controller!

Would you play games on your Android device using a SixAxis controller?

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    • blaise25 profile image

      Fehl Dungo 5 years ago from close to you...

      This is awesome and so helpful to anyone who has these gadgets. I haven't seen an article so detailed and well-explained like this one. I think Android, Samsung, and PS lovers would love this. Keep them coming coz only few people here write hubs like this ;)