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How To make Money Metal Detecting

Updated on January 26, 2010

Metal detecting is a hobby enjoyed by many people, but did you know you can turn your metal detecting hobby into a business? Turning your metal detecting hobby into a business is actually quite simple. You probably won't get rich but you never know.


 First of all if you do not have equipment of your own you may want to do a little shopping before you get started. You can get stuff for your metal detecting business through the Amazon links on this page.

1. Most important you will want to get a metal detcector. These range from less than $100 to thousands a piece. One brand I would suggest is garret. They are fairly popular with detectorists. There are also other brands such as minelabs, whites, and others to choose from.

2. In order to recover your finds you will want to get recovery tools. A simple garden trowel would work in some cases but if you search in lawns or other fragile areas a digging tool would leave less damage. A probe would also be helpful as well.

3. You may also want a pinpointer to help pinpoint where your find is. It is a lot easier that trying to pinpoint with the detector.

4. You will also want business suppllies such as business cards, computer, phone, and other items related to the type of business you want to run.

5. Money is another thing you may want to consider. You may have to pay for advertising, supplies, or other costs depending on how you decide to run your venture.


Now that you have the supplies you will need it is time to get started. The first thing you will need to do is decide what type of metal detecting business you want to start. Here are a few ideas:

1. Lost And Found= You can offer your services of finding people lost items. People lose Jewelry, Tools, and other items of value. You can charge a percentage of the items value, an hourly rate or hoever you decide.

2. Prospecting= You can try your hand at prospecting for precious metals.

3. Meteorite Hunting= You can try to become a profesional meteorite hunter. Some meteorites can be worth millions.

4. Classes= You can teach classes on metal detecting.

5. Organized Hunts= You can organize metal detecting hunts and chazrge for entry.

6. Metal Detecting Club= You could start a metal detecting club and charge for membership.

7. Finder Service= You can help people find property markers, sprinkler heads, ect.

Once you have decided on what type of venture you want to pursue it is time to make a plan. Decide on how you want to conduct your business, How much to charge, How to Advertise your business and how much it is going to cost to get started. Also look into legal aspects, taxes, ect.


Now that you have a plan it is time to start advertising your services. You can put an ad in the paper or the phone book. You could also pass out business cards or flyers to neighbors, friends, family, contractors, and anyone else you want to market your services to.


 After your business is set up and advertised you might start making some money. Don't expect to get rich but don't expect not to either. You never know what you might find.


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    • profile image

      martellawintek 4 years ago

      hello there beverlay i shouldn't give it out but this is there link

      and some info , they have a deal on at the mo , mention m wintekstold you to ring him

    • Jonathan Grimes profile image

      Jonathan Grimes 5 years ago from Devon

      Interesting hub and metal detecting on popular beaches can be rewarding. There be money in them there hills.

      Thanks Jon