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How much are your collectible toys worth?

Updated on July 10, 2015

Do you ever wonder how much your vintage toy collection is worth? You read stories about toys – possibly some you owned as a kid – selling for astronomical prices. There are several ways to determine the value of any collectible – appraisers, books, online services, auctioneers and antique dealers.


Currently available in its 19th edition is Toys & Prices: The World's Best Toys Price Guide by Mark Bellomo. The book is described as the only price guide on the market that focuses on postwar toys. This edition of the book covers more than 35,000 toys with more than 100,000 values listed. This edition has new listings for Action Figures, Hot Wheels, Barbie, G.I. Joe and Star Wars. In addition to Bellomo, the prices in the book are appraised by a board of advisors. Bellomo, a toy historian and collector, has also published toy books dealing with 80s toys, Transformers and G.I. Joe to name a few.

If you collect Hot Wheels, then grab the latest edition of Hot Wheels Field Guide (Warman's Field Guides Hot Wheels: Values & Identification) by Michael Zarnock. Currently in its 4th edition, this guide features 800 color photos, pricing and listings of four decades of the highly collected diecast cars. Zarnock also released Hot Wheels Variations: The Ultimate Guide is 2010. Guide contains values of more than 5,000 Hot Wheels.

Toys & Prices: The World's Best Toys Price Guide

This 800+ page book by Mark Bellomo, released in 2013, features 35,000 listings with 100,000 values to some of the coolest toys created -- toys you will most definitely recognize. Besides standards from Lunch boxes to action figures, this book provides advice on collecting and list secondary-market prices for post-World War II toys. Available at Amazon on other book dealers.

Kovels' Antiques and Collectibles Price Guide 2014 by Kim and Terry Kovel.

In its 46th edition, this classic guid's report on the previous year's record-setting toy prices, making it worth having, but it also includes the standard values, photos and categories you would expect. Since it covers all collectibles and antiques, the book also includes non-toy related categories like depression glass, jewelry and sports memorabilia to name a few. Also covers American and international items of interest. Available at Amazon on other book dealers.

Online resources

Worthpoint. This site has a searchable database of what toys have sold for. Unfortunately it is a subscription based service. They offer monthly and yearly subscriptions, so if you wanted you could purchase a month’s subscription and value all your collectibles within that month. For more information visit their website at

PriceMiner. This is another subscription based service, and even though it is powered by Worthpoint, it is cheaper than a subscription to Worthpoint. According to PriceMiner, with their service you have access to tens of millions of records, you can identify your items with the photos in their system, you have access to current price data, and you can even view items currently listed for sale, based on your search criterion. They also provide listings of venues where you can sell your item. For more information visit their website at This subscription based service lets you purchase as little as 24 hour access to their database. They also let you view a few featured appraisals so you can see what kind of information they offer. According to the site you can “Find out current fair market value and replacement value of your collectible. Database contains images, item descriptions and appraiser’s comments. For more information visit their website at

Kovels. This company has both print and online services. There are subscription based services for their website, but there is also plenty of free content – including a free searchable database. Unfortunately, though, the free search does not include images, so you need to know exactly what you have to get an accurate price. Kovels has been a respected name in the industry since the early 1950s. For more information visit their website at

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