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How Can We Get Into the Aether?

Updated on June 19, 2016

What is the Aether?

For those who haven't heard of this beautiful and mythical dimension, let me clue you in. The Aether was a concept for a new dimension in Minecraft that is supposed to be the opposite of the Nether. The Aether is a bright and amazing place in that consists of islands that are floating in the sky. In this world, it is eternal day and the original way you would be brought to the Aether was by sleeping in a bed.

How Could This Still Happen?

The Minecraft world is ever expanding. With an increase in structures in the Overworld, as well as The End, where else could the world possibly expand? To the sky we go! Build on an island above the clouds! Build bridges from one to the next! The best thing, however, would be flying from one island to the other with the elytra wings that can be found in The End.

How Would the Aether Portal Look?

The entrance to the Aether could look many different ways. The easiest way could be to make the Aether portal similar to the Nether portal, but by switching out the obsidian blocks with another block, such as glowstone or lapis lazuli. It could also be found in the world just like The End portal is, deep in a dungeon. Of course, with either of these choices, you would need an item (or multiple) to activate the portal, such as a flint and steel or eyes of ender. Though what I propose would be two completely different designs.

Nether Portal

An activated Nether portal
An activated Nether portal

End Portal

An End portal that has yet to be activated with eyes of ender
An End portal that has yet to be activated with eyes of ender

Option One: Simple

This option is, of course, simple and would take minimal time to create. This concept takes the idea of sleeping to get into the Aether a reality. The small structure would consist of two blocks of lapis lazuli, six quartz pillars, one block of glowstone, and one bed (see picture below). The bed would be placed last and become a different color to show that it is now a portal, instead of a bed that someone could use to set their spawn or pass the night away.

A Simple Design

Concept for a portal into the Aether.
Concept for a portal into the Aether.

Option Two: Complicated Yet Awesome!

This option would only be available toward the "end" of the game. The portal would be a craftable block made up of three different components, a dragon head, an enchanting table and a piece of glowstone. Yes, this would be much more expensive, but oh so satisfying! When these components are crafted together, it acts somewhat like a beacon, shooting a beam of light into the sky after being placed from the dragon's mouth! Is that cool or what?

Expensive, But So Cool!

The components that would be used to craft the Aether portal
The components that would be used to craft the Aether portal


Whichever of these portals you would like to see come to fruition in Minecraft, whether it be as simple as the Nether portal or as complicated as the dragon enchanting table, we still want to travel to the Aether. The Aether could bring about new blocks and new terrain that no one has seen in Minecraft before. What do you think? Tell me in the comments below and be sure to vote in both of the polls as well!

The Aether

Do you want the Aether to come to Minecraft?

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Portal Deisgn

What kind of portal would you like to see lead to the Aether?

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