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How the Polar Bear Could Be Much Better

Updated on June 10, 2016


For those new to the world of Minecraft, the polar bear has recently been added as of update 1.10. The polar bear is a neutral mob that will only attack the player if it is attacked or if the player gets near its cub. The polar bear, obviously, can only spawn in the colder biomes and, when killed, the polar bear drops fish. Other than that, the polar bear does not have that much going for it. Here are a few ways that this could be fixed!

The Polar Bear

This polar bear was spawned with a spawn egg, not naturally generated.
This polar bear was spawned with a spawn egg, not naturally generated.

Make Them Ridable!

For those of you who have read the book or even seen the movie "The Golden Compass" this option will be right up your alley! Saddles are already a part of the game, why not be able to slap one of them onto a polar bear or even its cub? Sure, the cub option does seem a bit cruel, but in a game where one can put a saddle on a pig, it seems like the next best step.


A new polar bear accessory?
A new polar bear accessory?

Give Them a New Drop

Polar bears are such strong creatures, even in the world of Minecraft! It truly just doesn't make sense that all you get from slaying one is the a couple of raw fish. My idea is to add a new type of material to the game, fur. Of course, a lot of people will tell you that fur is inhumane and to that I say, this is Minecraft.. it's a game. By killing a polar bear, you could then acquire one to three pieces of fur and then when you get enough, you can make a set of clothing out of it, like you would with leather. Though this would not be the only way to acquire fur, it could also be crafted with one piece of wool and one piece of leather.

Fur Concept

(From left to right) Wool, leather, and white dyed leather chest armor (what fur armor could look like)
(From left to right) Wool, leather, and white dyed leather chest armor (what fur armor could look like)


The polar bear is only just what its name tells you, polar. Of the three of these options I've laid out in this article, variation is the one that is most likely to happen, though I can neither confirm nor deny that Mojang would do this. With the inclusion of the cat in Minecraft, this shows that a simple swap of the color of an animal can make it that much more interesting. With simple changes in color to brown or black, the bear could be moved to multiple biomes such as the extreme hills and the many forest biomes. Maybe even one day a panda bear could be added, the ideas are truly endless!


Though the polar bear being added isn't the worst thing to be added to Minecraft, it's still sort of... meh. The three options I've laid out here could definitely increase the interest and even the usefulness of these mobs. Please tell me in the poll below on which of these options you like the best. Do you have another way to make the polar bear better? Then comment your idea!

Polar Bear Poll

Which is the best option to make the polar bear better?

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      Superluigi9 21 months ago

      Good reading stuff :)