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How to Get a Lower Price at a Yard Sale

Updated on February 22, 2012

How to Haggle at a Yard Sale

I love yard sales. Snagging a great deal on anything from furniture to clothing is a hobby I really enjoy. Making my rounds on Saturday mornings I see lots of things I would love to own, if only because the price is so sweet. There are times however, that the person hosting the yard sale has overpriced their items or the price might be out of the range I am comfortable paying for. Here are some tips for getting the best price at a yard sale.

Keep your designer items at home. When someone sees you dressed to the nines, and wearing a designer handbag, they will have a hard time believing that you can't come up with the extra few bucks they are asking for their item. I notice the small details about people that others may not notice. I see when someone has on an expensive pair of shoes or when they have a huge diamond on their fingers. Leave your good stuff at home.

Keep small bills handy. Make sure you keep ones, fives, and tens. This will help you when you tell the host that you only have five bucks left to buy their lovely lamp. If you beg them to lower the price and then they see you pull out a wad of cash, they are going to be more apt to stick to their asking price.

Buy more and save more. Big businesses use this as a marketing ploy, but when it comes to snagging a great deal at a yard sale buying more makes sense. Oftentimes people just want to get rid of things. The thought of hauling all that stuff back into the garage or to the Goodwill is not appealing. If you offer to buy more than one item, a seller is more willing to negotiate on the price. In other words instead of asking for five dollars off of that lovely lamp, you can possibly get twelve or fifteen dollars off if you purchase a blender and that lamp. The more you buy, the more sellers are willing to negotiate with you.

Finally, you have heard the term, "You kill more bees with honey than with vinegar", well it's true. Offer up a compliment. Nothing gets a person in a better mood than being complimented. People are more willing to respond to a smiling person as opposed to a grouchy one. If you have an attitude people will not want to be kind to you. Smile, offer up a compliment, and ask in your nicest voice, "What's the best you can do on this lamp here?". Good luck yard sale shopping, and here's to snagging the best deals!


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