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How to Be Good at Nazi Zombies Mode in Call of Duty: Black Ops

Updated on November 20, 2012


In this guide I will talk about ways that you can increase your chances at succeeding at Nazi Zombies in Call Of Duty Black ops. I will talk about the methods that you should go about playing in order to have the best success at playing. This will include tips that will help you play better, and get to high round that can be applied to all maps.

Before I go any further let me say that if you enjoy this read, and want to see more feel free to go to my account, or check out my Twitter for the most up to date guides on a various genres of games. Follow me @Johnrr631992 or

Also you can send me messages through Xbox @ MKS JohnR, or comment below in the comments section.

ALSO!!! - I am starting a new clan. If you are reading this feel free to message me on Xbox Live, or on Twitter. As of now I am only open to people on Xbox, but will be moving multi-platform in December/January. So please feel free to contact me with questions. Also I will have a Website specifically for the clan, and it will be pretty big.

What is Zombies.

Zombies is a game mode introduced by Treyarch in Call of Duty World At War. Since then, it was so popular that it was brought back in Black Ops, as a very popular game that many enjoy playing. The game has been one of the most popular features in Black Ops, and in Black Ops 2 which will be released soon, this game mode is going to feature its own campaign, online mode, and usually zombie game modes. So as you can tell over time this has been very popular, and has been a very good money maker for Treyarch. This is a true selling point for future games, so now let me talk about general ways for you to be successful when playing zombies.

For Playing solo

So I will talk about team play below, but let me talk about solo first because this is fairly easy and shorter.

First Off.. Keep Moving. If you are playing by yourself, then you have no reason to camp. You should focus on continuously moving, and trying to stay ahead. Remember that zombies move fairly slowly, and you will not have trouble outrunning them. So you should stay moving, in order to stay alive.

Second, find some way to make a circle out of the map. This is the easiest way to survive on zombies, especially when by yourself. This works especially good on maps like Moon, Shang Ri La, and maps that the map and be a big circle. But overall any map can be used to make a circle, but it should be your job of figuring this out on specific maps. The reason this works well, is because your can let the zombies build up behind you, and slowly lay into them with firepower. This will allow you to slowly end the round, and get to higher rounds.

Third.. Go for LMG's or special weapons.. It goes without saying that you should focus on bigger guns, but remember that in the beginning it is crucial for you to go after the better weapons, or save up for them to help yourself later on. In later rounds you will have plenty of money, but you do need to get that far in the first place to be well off. So planning smart always enhances your chances of success.

For playing with a team.

Now everyone is going to ave their own methods for playing with a teammate. BUT if you are having trouble then there are some things to focus on. First off obviously if you want help with specific maps comment below, but this is a general guide so I can only do an overview on this hub. IF you do want me to post a specific guide for a map, send a comment, and I can make one, but this is just for the overall maps.

Okay, so FIRST OFF.. Camping. This is a great method for early and late rounds IF done right. When I say done right this refers to having a spot in which you and your teammates can cover every angle of zombies that would be coming at you. This is crucial for you especially in late rounds. Every map has specific areas that are good for camping, if you have the right weapons, and perks, and players. The trick is finding them, and being successful at that.

Secondly, the moving strategy.. This is another popular method that is used on certain maps. THis is better on big maps, that you can find that circular method as talked about above. This is helpful because by staying moving, you can let the zombies build up, and take them out collectively, and save some ammo by doing so.. The only negative of this method, is a lot of times if zombies drop ammo boxes, or other drops that you cannot get them.

Third.. Don't ruin another player. What i mean by this... Sometimes one camping spot gets all the kills while the other does not. This means that in this case, every couple rounds take turns on that spot. This will allow each player to build up their cash. This is important because of the simple fact that by building up your cash then you are able to get more perks, better weapons, pack a punch, and overall this will allow you to be much more successful and get to much higher rounds. This is important for the survival of the team. You do not want one player having all the cash unless you are playing on Moon, and that player can give cash to everyone else. Other than that one instance, you want each player to have equal amounts of money so everyone can level up equally and have the best chance at getting those high rounds.

Fourth.. COMMUNICATE.. Okay so it is not smart to play zombies with people who do not have microphones or you cannot communicate with. This defeats the purpose of this type of game, and will hurt your chances of getting far. I honestly suggest only playing with people who have a microphone to give yourself a better chance at having good success when playing.


Remember to also have fun. That is your main goal when you are playing any video game. You need to have fun so that you can overall have a good experience. Also remember that you should attempt to keep moving if playing solo, and if playing with a team, that you should communicate and work as a team to get as far as possible.

Remember to comment below if you need any help with anything, want other guides, or want to give your feedback, or high scores on maps.. Thanks for reading..


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