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How to Beat Psaro the Manslayer in Dragon Quest IV

Updated on January 9, 2012


This hub will detail how to beat Psaro the Manslayer in Dragon Quest IV. I decided to create this particular hub mainly due to the fact that some people have trouble with this boss, the final one in the fifth chapter of Dragon Quest IV. It's no surprise considering that he goes through a total of 7 phases, and after each phase, any negative effects you may have applied on him disappear, while any damage your party may have taken does not.

Let us begin.

Party Setup and Defeating Form 1

Before you even consider taking on Psaro, this is the bare minimum your party should have:

  • The Hero (duh) with knowledge of Omniheal.
  • A physical damage dealer/meat shield (Alena or Ragnar are your only choices, I used Alena, but some say Ragnar is better for this role)
  • A healer (Kiryl learns Kazing and Meena doesn't, so guess who you should use... ;) )
  • A mage (you can use either Maya or Borya. I used Maya, but some say Borya is better)

You MUST have Omniheal and Kazing. You SHOULD have Kafrizzle for Maya (or Borya's strongest attack spell if you use him). You should have two Yggdrassil Leaves. Give one to Maya and one to Alena (the Hero can revive; albeit with 50% success, and Kiryl has Kazing for 100% revival). The Sage's Stone you find in the castle prior to this final battle is good too. It's a weaker version of Multiheal that costs no MP. Give it to Alena, who has no spells in the first place, so she can heal in times of need.

During this first form, in which Psaro does a near-perfect imitation of Estark, he will swing his swords twice a turn. That's all he does. The bad news is that he has a high chance of landing a desperate attack (what the game calls critical hits landed by enemies). That attack will do 250-260 damage and cannot (criticals ignore defense) be lowered by Kabuff or any armor you have on. In my playthrough, the Hero was level 34 and Alena, Kiryl and Maya were level 35, and the desperate attack could wipe any party member that wasn't the Hero. So, turn 1 will look like this:

  • Hero: Physical attack.
  • Alena: Physical attack.
  • Kiryl: Kabuff (this doesn't help against the desperate attack, but cutting down his normal damage is a good idea.
  • Maya: Sap (lower Psaro's defense so your physical attackers can do more damage)

Psaro may resist Sap. If he does, keep trying until it lands. With the Hero's Zenithian Sword and Alena's Iron Claws, Psaro will take 240 damage each round if Sapped (around 160 if not).

Subsequent turns will have the Hero and Alena doing the same thing, while Kiryl uses Fullheal on the Hero if he's hit with a desperate attack, or using Kazing if someone else is killed. If Psaro aims at Kiryl with a critical, then have Alena or Maya use their leaf. You can't afford to play with the random number generator tossing coins hoping that the hero's Zing revives (50% feels like 0 at times. :P). Maya will use Kafrizzle now.

After 2000 damage or so...Psaro will change...

Defeating Form 2

Well, if you're still alive (:P), then I'm pretty sure you won't have trouble with this form. Having lost an arm, Psaro is reduced to 1 attack per turn (that will never critical), so you can take a small break. Make sure that Kabuff is always up, and have the rest of the party members attack mercilessly after Maya lands Sap. If a party member is near death, have Kiryl Fullheal said party member.

Not much I can say for this form to be quite honest. :)

Moving on...

Defeating Form 3

This is another easy form, but start preparing for the next forms since this battle goes uphill soon.

In this form, Psaro has no arms, but can still hop to do damage. He can also cast Crack twice a turn to do roughly 25 damage each time it's cast to the whole party. There's an irony to the fact that he does more damage than Form 2 because his attack hits everyone. Even so, it's horribly easy. You'd have to try to lose on purpose to lose here.

Same routine as before: Sap with Maya, Kabuff with Kiryl and then maul him. ;)

Time to up the diificulty a bit...

Defeating Form 4

This is where the battle starts getting nasty. In this form Psaro will mainly belch blistering flames at the party, dealing severe damage. He can also use chilling breath, which is almost the same thing as the first attack, but ice.

You're going to want to keep Kabuff up since he'll start adding physical attacks to his subsequent forms again. However, there's just one problem:

Disruption (or DeMagic, or Wave of Ice; however you want to call the blue wave).

Disruption is what I call that annoying wave some bosses can use (and the Hero can shoot out from the Zenithian Sword, for that matter) that removes all magical effects from the party. You have 999 Defense thanks to Kabuff? What defense? So, now the endurance part of this battle begins. You have to bring this beast of a monster down before your healer runs out of MP, or it could get nasty. He will do "cute" things like Disruption and then smack you with Blistering Flames (you know, just in case you switched in Meena for Insulatle. ;) )

In any case, the strategy remains the same:

  • Hero: Physical attack; Omniheal if the whole party is below 50% HP (THIS is why you need Omniheal)
  • Alena: Physical attack or Sage's Stone in combination with Kiryl's Multiheal.
  • Kiryl: Kabuff and then use Multiheal
  • Maya: Sap and then use Kafrizzle

With enough persistence, this form shall fall...or rather...morph again!

Defeating Form 5

At this time, Psaro regains the ability to both attack twice and to attack physically. The strategy for previous forms stands here, and you will find yourself having to use Kabuff almost every turn thanks to repeated uses of Disruption by Psaro. He can also belch flames and shoot out ice like Form 4. If your run is anything like mine, your mage is running out of MP around this time. This is actually okay, since we're gonna switch in Meena (for Insulatle) soon. I'm sure you're as sick of the elemental attacks as I am, and your healer might be starting to run out of MP as well. Heck, your Hero may be out of MP by now, or close to it (Omniheal costs TWENTY MP.).

Nevertheless, you shouldn't have any problems if you follow the strategy from Form 5.

So, assuming you're still breathing... :P

Defeating Form 6

In this form, Psaro's physical attacks become more vicious and he uses Disruption almost every turn, rendering attempts to reduce damage nearly nil. Even so, you must persevere, although hoping Psaro decides to attack the Hero (who at least in my playthrough had 300+ HP) helps as well. Nothing like a little luck to augment your chances of winning. ;)

His battle routine is a little of bit of everything now. He might use Disruption before a breath attack or afterwards. He may use a physical attack before or after Disruption as well. He may not use Disruption in 3 turns, and then use it repeatedly for the remainder of the battle. Luck is an integral part of this final battle if your levels aren't so high (read: not in the 40's).

Your strategy remains unchanged, but worry not, it'll change soon... :P

Defeating Form 7

This is it. Psaro the Manslayer has reached the ultimate stage of his monstrous evolution. Before you can do ANYTHING, he casts Bounce as a bonus action. Dispel that immediately with the Hero's Zenithian Sword. If you want to skip a casting turn with Maya just in case the turn order decides to cast a spell on Psaro before Bounce is removed, go ahead.

In this form, he can use the stomp as a physical attack (dealing 100+ damage like Form 6), he can belch flames, he can shoot ice, he can use Disruption (and he will, trust me). He has it all.

At this stage, Maya was down to 19 MP, which is around enough to cast one last Sap and one last Kafrizzle. Turn 1 should look like this:

  • Hero uses Zenithian Sword
  • Alena attacks
  • Kiryl uses Kabuff
  • Maya casts Sap (if you want to risk the turn order; otherwise defend or attack normally)

On your second turn, look at the pre-turn menu. You have Flee, Fight and the ability to swap characters. It's the first time I used it, and most likely the last. :P

At this point, after Maya landed Sap, I switched her out for Meena, who promptly cast Insulatle on the party. You run the very real risk of Sap wearing off and your potential damage per turn dropping, but what's the point of extra damage if your party gets wiped out? ;)

The strategy should be:

  • Hero attacks and uses Omniheal if the party is severely damaged.
  • Alena attacks and uses the Sage's Stone if a) The Hero is out of MP, or b) The damage sustained by the party isn't so severe.
  • Kiryl uses Kabuff, and Multiheal.
  • Maya will do that one Sap, and then let Meena in to Insulatle and emergency heals as well.

In my playthrough, Alena was knocked out and I was about 2 turns away from losing, but I won. If your party level is over 35, you will have better results than I did. :)

Finally, It's Over!

So you finally did it. Out of all of Psaro the Manslayer's forms the seventh is definitely the hardest one, but depending on your levels, any form past the fourth can be a challenge. However I'm sure that, with my strategy, you'll do fine.

Feel free to contact me if you need any more help with this game or if you disagree with any portion of my strategy. :)

Until the next time, take care and have fun! ;)



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    • deadxxstars profile image


      2 years ago

      What I hate about Psaro is that when you feel that your about to beat him he automatically transforms. He's literally laughing at us. Thanks so much for this article.

    • profile image

      brandon faber 

      7 years ago

      this was sorta helpful

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      This Psaro guy is definetly one tough motherfucker, said in the most polite of words. Really, 7 froms? I was already spazzing out when his head fell off... I gues that if I get 5 levels more and reach 40 I'm ok...


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