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How to Block Facebook Game Requests

Updated on July 16, 2014

Many of you are on Facebook everyday, even multiple times a day. There's nothing more annoying than bringing up your page and having nothing but game requests for miles! I think we've all experienced this, even if you do play games. Here's how to block those Facebook game requests you don't want to see anymore!

Settings Area to Manage Your Game Blocks

Go to "Settings" then "Blocking" to manage Facebook games or users you want to block requests from.
Go to "Settings" then "Blocking" to manage Facebook games or users you want to block requests from.

Block Facebook Game Requests

Facebook does allow you to block certain games, this will stop you getting the requests and all those news feeds that appear. At the top of the page you'll see your name, find friends, home, and a down arrow. Click the down arrow and go to settings.

You'll then come to a page with lots of options. On the left-hand side you'll see an option for "Blocking", (see photo below), click on that. You'll then scroll down and you'll see "Block Apps". Simply type the name of the Facebook game you want to block here, and it's done!

You now see the name of the game listed below. Right next to it is the option to "unblock" listed in blue. If you ever decide you want to play that game, just click that button and there ya go!

Facebook Blocking Menu Screen

Blocking Facebook Game Requests From a Friend

We all have them, right? That one particular friend that sits and plays games all day. You seem to get nothing but invites to games on your feed from them. Well you can block those Facebook game requests very easily.

One again you go to the arrow pointing downward in the far upper right corner of your screen. Then click on settings. To the left-hand side you'll see the option for "Blocking" again. Click this and you'll be in the right area.

Now go to "block app invites" and type their name in that area. There ya go, all done! To unblock them, simply click the "unblock" button next to their name.

For future reference, you'll also notice in this area you can block event invites and block users completely. You never know when you might need that last option!

App Area to Block Facebook Game Requests

Video Instructional- Blocking Facebook Game Requests

Blocking Facebook Game Requests from the App Area

This is just another way you can block those requests. It's a bit easier than typing in the name of all the games you want to block on facebook. Many of you will see an area on the left-hand side of your screen that says "games". Click this button. Then at the top of the screen you should see an "activity" option, click this area.

Now you should be in your game requests section, see the photo above for reference. You'll likely see a whole list of game requests from your Facebook friends, or even certain games inviting you to play. At the top of the box, you see the name of the game, and below that you see the list of requests from each player.

To ignore and block the game completely, you see in the upper right-hand corner of the box the "ignore all" option. You can click this to ignore all those requests, then an option appears to block the game or report it as abusive. You can then block the game right there by clicking the blue "block" option. Of course, if you feel the game is abusive, you can click the blue "report" option.

You can continue blocking games in this manner fairly quickly. As you take care of blocking the requests, or accepting them, whichever the case may be, new requests will appear. You can handle these in the same way.

To block a Facebook friend's game request completely from this area, you'll want to click on the "X" located to the right of the request itself. Then an option appears to either block the game, or block game requests from that particular user.

Using this method instead of hurting your friends feelings by telling them "stop it already," is much more preferable, and pretty easy to do. Hope this helps you with blocking Facebook game requests! It can certainly make Facebook a much more enjoyable experience!


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