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How to Carry Ranked Games As Ranged Carry In League of Legends

Updated on November 25, 2012

Every role in League of Legends has a different and vital job to the team and in order to play your role effectively, you must know what your job is and what you have to to be efficient. Ranged carry is one of the most important and powerful roles and playing it correctly or incorrectly can result in the difference between a win and a loss.

Farm farm and farm

Farming is essential if you want to become a great AD carry and a lot of people slack in this category and it really cripples them from reaching their full potential As Ranged carry you always want to have a high creep score so you can scale into the late game and carry your team.

  • Practice last hitting. Getting better at last hitting just comes with time and you have to play a lot in order to get really go at it. Ideally you should be going for around 10 cs per minute and farming throughout the game.
  • Do not stop farming. Some people stop farming as the laning phase ends and it really hurts them for the late game. You always want to be farming unless your team is going for and objective.
  • Avoid ganking other lanes. A ranged carry's job is not to gank other lanes. That is more for your mid and jungler to take carry. Minions to farm are a lot more valuable then trying to get a kill because one is guaranteed and the other one is not.

Win Your Lane

This is important no matter what role you are in because it gives your team such a big advantage. Not only are you getting stronger, but you are also making your enemy weaker. Winning lane is important and if you are having trouble winning it analyze what you are doing wrong and try to fix it.

  • Trade. Make sure you trade and make sure you trade well. Do not let people do damage without picking at them back. Learn when the best times are to trade and always make sure you come out on top
  • Push your lane. If your support is competent and warding, push your lane. This makes it hard for the enemy carry to farm and also takes pressure off your other lanes. Be prepared. You will get gank a lot if the enemy jungler is good. If you feel like you can't escape ganks don't push and just farm safely.
  • Play your lane according to your jungler. If your jungle is being aggressive and has a really good early game then you want to let the lane push to open it up for ganks. If you jungle is counterjungling then you want to push to open yourself up to help him if he need back up. Just know how jungles work and play your lane accordingly.
  • Avoid skillshots. Dodging abilities is a great way to win lane because it just gives you such a great advantage. If you are able to juke a lot you will be able to win lane a lot easier.

Know how to position

When I was a novice League of Legends player I would always win lane but then have trouble winning team fights. This was because my positioning was off and I really didn't know what I was doing wrong. People always tell you do focus different people and do different things and this can be very confusing at times.

  • Focus the targets near you. Just focus who is squishy and near you. If there are no squishy people near you focus the tanks. People might call you a noob but they are stupid. You are the back line and you stay in the back.
  • Don't go man mode to try and kill there carry. If you dive at their carry chances are you will get stunned and you will die without doing anything. It is your bruisers job to kill the ad carry not yours.
  • Use the attack move function. Hitting "A" allows you to move and attack at the same time greatly helping you survive and do damage. How efficient you are as and ranged carry depends on how many autos you can get off without dying.


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