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How to Carry Ranked Games With Mid Lane

Updated on November 24, 2012

Mid lane is one of the most commonly desired lanes when it comes to ranked games and this is because it has a very high carrying potential. With mid lane you have the ability to gank other lanes and set up kills as well as decide much of the early game and mid game outcome. Also, losing mid is not as devastating as losing top or bottom making it a very forgiving lane.

Counter Picking

Counter picking is important because it give you a very good advantage in lane and can make the difference between winning and losing lane. Although counter picking is important, if you are a higher skilled player counter picking is not as vital. Counter picking is very important in high ranked games but not as much in lower elo games. Winning lane mostly comes down to trading properly and not using summoners unless necessary.

  • Try to get your last pick or someone down the line to swap champs with you so you can counter pick
  • Know counters and if you do not know them be ready to look them up
  • Think about counters and really objectively decide what champions would be best in the current situation you are playing in. Knowing a counter is great but if you do not know how to properly execute a lane then do not play counters.

Maining One Champion

This is quite contrary to what I said before about counter picking and this mostly goes for lower ranked mid players that aren't as familiar with the lane as some others may be. If you do not have a very big champion pool. Suggesting counter picking will just lose you games because you do not know how to play the champ.

  • Choose a champion that you are very good with or that is very strong and that you want to learn the practice that champion non stop until you are able to play it flawlessly. This will not only give you more game knowledge, but also make you mechanics better.
  • Stick to this champion even if you lose. Losing sucks and everyone knows it but you can not simply stop playing champions you are good with just because you lost one game. In order for this strategy to be effective you must stick to the plan and be diligent.

Good mid champions to main are as follows:

  1. Ahri
  2. Anivia
  3. Cho Gath
  4. Gragas
  5. Karthus
  6. Katarina
  7. Morgana
  8. Orianna
  9. Ryze
  10. Zyra

These are all very strong picks and should provide everything you need to win lane, gank, and be successful in the middle lane.

Winning Lane

In order to be able to gank other lanes and be effective you must win lane. It's simple. If you are losing lane and playing passively, then you will most likely not be able to gank and you will lose a lot of map control. This will not only hurt you but it will also hurt you and you jungler.

  • Trade properly. You have to make sure you are not taking free damage and that you are coming on top of trades. This means that you have to use your abilities right and make sure you land them. If you miss an ability the enemy can come in and use their abilities on you without having to fear retaliation
  • Do not use spells to farm. This mostly goes for newer players. Try to use your auto attacks to farm instead of your abilities. You want to make sure you have you abilities up when it is time to trade which makes it dangerous to farm with your abilities. Just play smart and do not give up easy advantages.
  • Try to get and experience advantage. This can be done by farming jungle camps or simple farming the lane when the enemy is back or ganking. If you get a level advantage you can win trades easier and go all in.


One of the most important things you can do as a jungler is gank the other lanes. Some people do no know when to gank and ganking at the wrong time can result in giving an advantage to you opponent or opening up the chance for a counter gank.

  • Gank when the enemy mid is back. When he is back because you forced him out of lane, this is a great time to gank. You do not have to fear a counter gank or losing and experience lead.
  • Do not gank too often. You want to gank less but more effectively. Ganking too much can lose you lane and you definitely do not want that. Some junglers will rage at you if you don't help them in a 1v1 duel with the enemy but sometimes it is better to stay mid and not lose gold and experience. You want to follow only when your lane leaves or it is also completely acceptable to just push the tower. A tower is worth more gold than a kill of a gank. You also will get levels and gold.
  • Know where the ward are and try to take less traveled routes. This will give you more of a chance to be successful. If you think that the gank wont result in a lead then don't do it. It is much more beneficial to farm then fail at a gank.


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