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How to Carry Ranked Games as Support League of Legends

Updated on November 23, 2012

A lot of people view support as an underrated role that has no relevance to winning ranked games and I can tell you that is completely false. You can one hundred percent carry ranked games as support in League. If you have having trouble winning ranked games as support then you skills and knowledge with support is probably lacking. The support role revolves round making your team stronger and aiding them as much as you can. Doing this greatly boosts your chances of winning and in turn raises rating. In this guide I will cover the keys on how to carry with support and what good support players do in order to win games.


One of you most important tasks is warding which most people know about and don't need me to tell them that it is important. However, there are certain tips and tricks to warding that can really help your team out and sway the game in your favor.

  • Warding their wraith camp at the start of the game. This is really important and not many players do this at all. When you ward the wraith camp like this it gives you such great early vision on the enemy jungler and the opportunity for your lanes to make plays when they see the enemy jungler at wraiths. It also prevents ganks to the lanes that know he is close.
  • Warding late game. One of you most important jobs as a support player is to keep vision on the map especially on key objectives like baron and dragon. The more wards you have on the map the less chance of your team getting caught and the better chance of your team catching someone on the other team.

Winning Bot Lane

Winning bot lane can give you such a huge advantage and if you play a dominate support then you should win bot lane most games and really bring value to your team and increase your chances of winning. A lot of people do not know what goes into winning bot lane as support and the things you need to do in order to win bot lane.

  • Trading in lane. Trading is a concept that took me a long time to figure out when I was first learning but it essentially means that you want to do as much or more damage to the enemy as they do to you. You can do this by shields and just not taking free damage.
  • Capitalizing on enemy cool downs. Sometimes people will just let you get away with using all of you cool downs and be too afraid to trade. This is however, the best time to trade because you do not have to worry about any damage from abilities.
  • Using cool downs foolishly. Going hand in hand with the previous statement, you do not want to use cool downs foolishly and give the enemy chances to get aggressive on you.

Not Raging at Your Team

This is really important because although you have a very significant impact on the game, you still cannot do without any person on your team. As everyone knows, 4v5s are really difficult and League of Legends and you need every member of your team. This makes is really important to bring your team together and create synergy between them. Works as a team, time dragon, and do everything in you power to help your team win.


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