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How to Carry as Nasus: Unkillable LOL Champion

Updated on January 6, 2014

Nasus Guide: The Summary

Nasus, the unkillable tank that also carries a lot of games, has a lot to ponder on. Throughout this small article we will go over some key points like:

  • Two main ways to Build Nasus
  • Nasus Tips & Tricks
  • Nasus Gameplay and his Skill Set
  • His Story (to the left)
  • Runes, Masteries to use on Nasus

Read on and start carrying your team!

Nasus and his Story: The Curator of the Sands

Nasus was the Keeper of the Great Library - the vastest library in his world. He is an animalistic creature like others that served to protect his people as guardians.

However, there were animalistic creatures that thought people didn't deserve to be protected by them, because they were Gods. So, war started on Nasus' world.

Nasus and his brothers and sisters fought against the hordes that wanted to enslave his people and Nasus was about to end it all by killing his brother Renekton!

He was transported to Runeterra where the League of Legends is and sworn to protect this world from injustices - but Renekton came along... how is the fight being decided?

Brother: Renekton

Enemies: Xerath, Cassiopeia, Renekton

Friend: Sivir

Know more about the Curator of the Sands reading his wiki at the League of Legends official website.

Actually, this is an option, but I always do this!
Actually, this is an option, but I always do this!

Nasus Gameplay and Skill Set

Nasus has a skillset that makes him amazing while dueling but also amazing at team fights, let's go over his skillset:

  • Q Syphoning Strike: Syphoning Strike is what makes Nasus so dangerous late game. Every time you hit someone with it and kill it, you get 3 more damage permanently on your Q - so it builds up to a point where you do tons of damage without attack damage items.
  • W Wither: This is a huge slow, when it is maxed is like stopping an enemy. Also, it gives a huge attack speed debuff, making it a free exhaust. This skill on an adcarry or on a champion that relies on attack speed like Tryndamere or Jax is priceless.
  • E Spirit Fire: This is a great AoE skill to clear minion waves and to reduce the enemies' armor on teamfights. Drop it in the middle of the Team Fights to shred that armor!
  • R Fury of the Sands: Nasus transforms himself into an even more unkillable version of himself, getting bonus health, lifesteal based on ability power, attack damage bonuses and a badass look! Great!

Now, the Gameplay here must be stay alive and farm your Q a lot. Farming your Q will get you a lot of damage and let you buy tank items instead of attack damage items, making you insanely tanky while dealing tons of damage.

My only offensive item is usually trinity force, and I can't live without it!

Nasus Screenshots
Nasus Screenshots

Immortal, Unkillable Nasus Build: Try it out!

There are two ways to build nasus, as far as I'm concerned.The items I get are:

  • Trinity Force;
  • Ninja Tabi or Merc Threads;
  • Sunfire Cape;
  • Spirit Visage;
  • Warmog Armor;
  • Randuin's Omen;

Now, the second way is to replace Trinity Force by Iceborn Gauntlet, starting by the shield. It is a safer way to build Nasus, but you'll present more of a threat if you build Trinity Force, so it is a choice of being a bully or even tankier - your choice.

Usually I recommend veteran players to go Trinity Force and low League players to go Iceborn Gauntlet.

Fed Nasus: The Strongest Late Game Champ

Immortal League of Legends Champion: Nasus Tips & Tricks

Here are some small Tips & Tricks to start carrying as Nasus:

  1. Ghost: Use Ghost if you're confident enough that you are going to get fed and be a bully;
  2. Flash: Use Flash to Flash near trees and paths to escape, since Nasus doesn't have any escapes;
  3. Don't smite: If you don't last hit Q you're worthless - don't use smite to last hit, but to weaken;
  4. Ultimate: Don't use R to escape, use it in teamfights or to get double kills or more;
  5. Iceborn Gauntlet: Buy it instead of Trinity Force if you're a new Nasus player
  6. Get tanky: Forget about buying 2 AD items, buy one - it's enough.

Please leave me your own tips on the comment section.

What do you think of Nasus?

4.9 out of 5 stars from 11 ratings of Nasus

Nasus and Renekton: Premades of Death

I usually say that having a Nasus and a Renekton on the same team is pretty overpowered (OP). To me it is one of the biggest premade pairs of all and I recommend you to try it.

Imagine all of that tankyness and damage together, the team fights that would be created would be pretty hard to win for the opposing team.

If you see a Renekton going top, try to pick Nasus as a Jungler or vice versa. I am pretty good with either champion so maybe I synergize well with the other, but I'm convinced it is an unkillable pair because if you don't kill them, they will kill you and if you do - the time it will take to kill them will get their team members to kill you instead!

Try it out and let me know what do you think. Also, what premade pair do you like the most?

Renekton and Nasus: Eternal Rivals

Nasus and Renekton: Brothers and Enemies
Nasus and Renekton: Brothers and Enemies

League of Legends Poll:

Do you fear a good Nasus?

See results

Wrong Build? Bad Early Game?

Ok, these are two questions that matter a lot. Nasus has a weak late game since he will have almost no stacks and he isn't at his unkillable status yet.

This means that you have to stay alive, escape ganks and play passively - just farming.

If you happen to die a lot early game and your opponent gets fed, you're going to have a bad time, since Nasus can also be quite useless without farm. Highly Item and Farm dependant.

If you build offensive items or start building the wrong items, you will also be useless - an offensive Nasus is useless - he is best used to be an unkillable tank that depends solely on his Q and Trinity Force (Iceborn Gauntlet) for damage!

This is something you should have in mind when playing Nasus, hear me out - it can save you a game!

Champion Types and Nasus

Champion Type
Early Game
Late Game
Ranged Pokers (ex. Teemo)
Attack Speed Champs (ex. Yi, Trynda)
Bursters (ex. Zed)

Unkillable LOL Champion: And his masteries

For Nasus' masteries I grab 0/30/0.

I can't go over how broken defensive masteries are in Season 4, and I hope they stay this way because it is allowing me to be a much better Nasus.

On a side note, you have to try these champions, who are also near unkillable:

  • Dr. Mundo
  • Malphite (same build as Nasus)
  • Shen

Try it out and let me know!

Unkillable Nasus: Runes

The rune set up for Nasus is always the same. From my point of view I wouldn't change it at all regardless of who am I facing.

I go with:

  • Armor Yellows: Tank Stats;
  • Magic Resist Blues: They are OP;
  • Attack Damage Reds: They can arguably be replaced by Hybrid Penetration, but I like AD the most;
  • Lifesteal Quintessences: So much lifesteal you can sustain even more!

The key part of Nasus' runes has to be the Lifesteal Quintessences, they synergize with his passive and Q so well that when you are almost dying you can Q something and live to fight another day!

Want me to write about another League of Legends Champion? Leave your request below!

© 2014 Rui Carreira


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    • Rui Carreira profile imageAUTHOR

      Rui Carreira 

      6 years ago from Torres Novas

      I'm Rukka Nova on the server EUW. Started Bronze V, due to bad placements but already Bronze I :)

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      You're already lvl 30? If yes, what's your league?

    • Rui Carreira profile imageAUTHOR

      Rui Carreira 

      6 years ago from Torres Novas

      Yeap, that one... me too mate.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Feel The Teemo? I already watched some of his videos before. He's just OP. I wish I had skill like him...

    • Rui Carreira profile imageAUTHOR

      Rui Carreira 

      6 years ago from Torres Novas

      I agree... check out the video on that hub... that player rocks.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Teemo is truly OP, unfortunately, due to everyone saying that, a lot of newbies and also noobs started to play with him, causing his beautiful popularity to vanish...

      That's just sad man...

    • Rui Carreira profile imageAUTHOR

      Rui Carreira 

      6 years ago from Torres Novas

      Ok, I will work on that... I like to write about LOL a lot - I do have another one which won editor's choice. It is about Teemo, see it here:

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I'm truly addicted to League of Legends and I saw this hub. I like the way you write mate! I think you should work on it. I don't know if you have more LoL hubs but if you don't you could write more. Like:

      Your favorite champion,

      The most OP one,

      Your builds,

      The weakest,

      Some history and that...

      I think it would be great!

      P.S. - Plus, do you have any more LoL hubs?

    • Rui Carreira profile imageAUTHOR

      Rui Carreira 

      6 years ago from Torres Novas

      Renekton probably wins against Nasus early game, but Nasus can crush Renekton late game. Two faces of the same coin, yet Nasus scales his Q.

      What do you want me to write more about?

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Wow! It's really truth! It's a great build and history, and I want you to write more about it! But I have a question for you:

      If Renekton and Nasus were on top in 3v3 and in 5v5 who would one in each?


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