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Sinskaald Rift Mount Location Guide, OAC

Updated on April 1, 2017
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Jade is a gaming enthusiast. She has played video games for many years. Jade enjoys clowning around an engaging in positive vision.

Road To The Lava Rent Army Horse

The Lava Rent Horse in Skinskaald rift. I know it's a little hard to see the mount. In this picture the mounts name is white because it was caught, not by me :(.
The Lava Rent Horse in Skinskaald rift. I know it's a little hard to see the mount. In this picture the mounts name is white because it was caught, not by me :(. | Source

The Mysteries Of Sinskaald Rift

Sinskaald Rift is one of the least hunted areas. Mount hunting here is fairly simple, as long as you know the spots. There is an Epic Mount which spawns here, and a Rare Blood who drops soul signets every time.

By the time, people hit Sinskaald Rift they are itching to get 70, and into the Under Realm, where tons of epics spawn.

I see a lot of Level 2 mounts in Skinskaald and a handful of level 1 mounts. PVP in this area is usually not as intense in other areas, so it tends to take a little pressure off mount hunting.

There are five mount spawns in the Sinskaald Rift.

A Trip to the Beach

Green lion (for Orcs) is Salty Head Village, Skinskaald Rift
Green lion (for Orcs) is Salty Head Village, Skinskaald Rift | Source
Salty Head Village Mount Location.
Salty Head Village Mount Location. | Source

Salty Head Village

Salty Head Village is the easiest place to look for a mount. There are level 50 mobs here, so watch out lowbies! The beach is long and filled with our friends, the fish folk. The mount walks the length of the entire beach.

There are fish folk all the way up and down the beach, which is why you rarely see low levels trying to catch these mounts.

You do not see many people out there anyway.

Mounts that spawn on Salty Head Beach:

  • Gray Chinchilla (level 1)
  • Green Lion (level 1)
  • Greengrass Deer (level 1)

To get to Salty Head:

  • Teleport to Strangers Roost.
  • Head out of the town to the main road, go left, west.
  • Head north where the road dead ends.

If all has gone well, then you should be in Salty Head Village in no time. You will know you're there because it is a beach with a lot of fish folk. Just run up and down the beach to see if the mount is there.

The Northeast in a Nutshell

Red lion south of Strangers Roost, Skinsaald Rift.
Red lion south of Strangers Roost, Skinsaald Rift. | Source
The pink is the possible area where the mount may spawn. The lower half of the circle is where you may find the Epic Lava Rent Army Horse.
The pink is the possible area where the mount may spawn. The lower half of the circle is where you may find the Epic Lava Rent Army Horse. | Source

South of Strangers Roost / Scorched Plain Location

Strangers Roost, Scorched Plain is the most complex one in Sinskaald Rift. Master this one, and you are golden.

Not only does the epic mount of the zone spawn here, but also level 1 and 2 mounts. The tricky part is that there are three different routes in this one area.

The area has few landmarks other than fissures and lava. Howeverm the epic mount does span near the most southern large skeleton.

Mounts that spawn at the Scorched Plain:

  • Black Chincilla (level 1)
  • Red Lion (level 1)
  • Yellow Brindled Chinchilla (level 2)
  • Crimson Rangers' Stag (level 2)
  • Lava Rent Army Horse (level 3)

To get to the Scorched Plain:

  • Head south of Salty Head beach, and south of Strangers Roost.
  • Head to the area with the craters.
  • The mount will walk one of three routes below the top three craters.

The epic mount has a 50% chance to spawn here, the rest of the time it will spawn at black beach.

The best thing to do is explore this area and learn it, there is no easy way to just find the mount, unless you camp one place.

of course, since the mounts walks three paths, you might miss it with just camping.

You can camp the spot that the Lava Rent Army Horse Spawns, but then again it might spawn at Black Beach.

What do You Think

Where have you seen the Lava Rent Army Horse Spawn Most?

See results

Dompeii Ruins

White horse in Sinskaald Rift at Dompeii Ruins.
White horse in Sinskaald Rift at Dompeii Ruins. | Source
Dompeii Ruins mount location.
Dompeii Ruins mount location. | Source

Routes in Dompeii Runes

To get to Dompeii Ruins:

  • Tepeport to the Suspsended City.
  • Head down the path to the left of the teleporter.
  • Take a right at the main road and head east for awhile.
  • What I do at this point is take a little detour to visit a fellow called the Elemental King.
  • He drops soul signees every time, as well as gear and a Generals Symbol.
  • Once I have hit him (if he is there) I track back and head into Dompeli Ruins.

The mounts here walk two paths, sometimes a third. All of which are through the ruins and up the north steps.

It walks up this hill, and stairs, so if you just run through the flat part, you will miss the mount.

There are level 1s and 2s that spawn here, and level 50+ mobs. This is another place low levels have a difficult time catching a mount.

Mounts that spawn at Dompeii Ruins:

  • Violet Deer (level 1)
  • Cyan Lion (blue level 1)
  • Burgundy Deer (level 1)
  • Bloody Undead Dog (level 1)
  • Black Destrier (level 2)

Black Beach (Epic Spawn Point)

Level 2 Lion in Skinskaald Rift. OAC
Level 2 Lion in Skinskaald Rift. OAC | Source
Black Beach Mount Location
Black Beach Mount Location | Source

Black Beach

To Ger To Black Beach:

  • Take the west door out of Dompeii Ruins and head south.
  • When the road dead ends head west.
  • Follow the road until you arive at Black Beach.

Black beach is level 2 mount heavy, and the epic Lava Rent Army Horse spawns here, too.

There are two paths the mount walks. It either goes behind the skeleton up and back down, then behind the hill.

It walks behind that hill, up to the road and back. When it is behind there, you can not see it from the road, so you might miss it.

It also walks in front of the skeleton, up to the road, across the road, back on the road, across the lava and back down to the skeleton.

There is a rare blood, named Aventhal, here. However, outside of killing him once for rare blood, for the quest, or the daily, it is not really worth it to kill him.

Mounts that spawn at Black Beach:

  • Rotting Undead Dog (level 1)
  • Burgundy Horse (level 1)
  • Shadow Expedition Lion (level 2)
  • Crimson Rangers' Stag (level 2)
  • Black Destrier (level 2)
  • Lava Rent Army Horse (level 3)

Possible, but unproven mount location.
Possible, but unproven mount location. | Source

Umbra Rift

Ubra rift seems to spawn the fewest mounts. For the longest time, I did not even believe this was a mount location. It is.

Mounts that spawn at Umbra Rift:

  • Black Horse (level 1)
  • Sandy Undead Dog (level 1)
  • Yellow Brindled Chincilla (level 2)

To get to Umbra Rift:

  • Teleport to Bulrinto Outpost
  • Walk to the man outside of town with the daily quest.
  • Take a left at the road.
  • This road will take you all the way to umbra rift, just stay to the left where the road splits.

Lava Rent Army Horse Video Guide

© 2014 Jade Griffin


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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      yes i saw two times black horse too! it is a valid spot

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      I also saw a t1 black horse there, i even helped my friend catch it

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Saw a level 1 black horse at umbra lift.

    • TheDragonBringer profile imageAUTHOR

      Jade Griffin 

      4 years ago

      Thank you!!

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Yes, I have seen mount spawns in Umbra Rift. Today, I sighted a lvl 2 yellow chinchilla walking up and down in a straight line.


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