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How to Counter Reapers - Marine Arena

Updated on July 31, 2013

They learned to Reap the Rewards, now you must learn to stop them!


Reapers have low health, high range and very high DPS.

If you just buy three reapers at 4 minutes (the earliest time you can get them), the power of your army instantly becomes at least twice that of your opponents.

This is because all you have at the beginning are weak marines (6 damage) and weak mercenaries (around 15 damage) and fighting against the Reaper's 50 damage mark is an impossible task.

There are, however, many ways around Reapers that you can implement to pick them out.

They don't cost much (100 minerals each) but killing three or four of them early game can really cripple your opponent.


The raven has two very powerful weapons in its arsenal to deal with Reapers.

1. The Easier One: Seeking Missile
The Raven's seeking missile only takes energy and hits an army with immense splash damage, killing all low HP units (such as reapers and marines) in just one hit. All you have to do then is target the reapers in question (or just a marine next to it) and BAM! Dead investment.

2. The Harder One: Auto Turrets
If you are really clever, you might be able to throw down some auto turrets behind the Reapers retreat path and then put pressure on the player making him.. retreat! As he does this you can simply select your auto turrets and focus fire the reapers down. Once again, the reapers have very low health points and the auto turret does enough damage to quickly take them down.

Downsides of the Raven
The downsides of the raven are that 1. It is a large investment, costing around 500 minerals (this keeps changing!) and you are stuck with it for the rest of the game. Further to that, if it dies you don't get to buy it back cheaper like a hero. 2. It is very fragile, meaning that there is a good chance a strong player will focus it down with stimmed marines or vikings. Its fragility also means that after about 13 minutes it is no longer useful and the seeking missile - which thrives off of masses of small units like marines and zerglings, will become less and less useful as health upgrades are purchased. Watch out for those Maraiders and Marangers!


Due to the large health of a mothership and high splash damage, focussing down reapers can be very easy if they engage you, and even if focussed down your mothership will easily escape marines (the only thing usually around to hit you before 10 minutes).

  • At the very least the player with reapers will just run away and try to avoid you, this means that you are forcing his investment of maybe 300-800 minerals (8 being the maximum number of reapers you can have at one time) to be useless.
  • The more you make the reaper player run from you the less useful his investment becomes because after 10 minutes reapers are virtually useless.

Whilst you're scaring reapers away, you can take advantage of the high damage-low risk power your mothership has and feed off other players.


- Just like with Ravens, the mothership is an expensive investment, is useless after 12 minutes and may cause camping (making it useless before 12 minutes too). Furthermore, other players may be threatened or annoyed and buy 3-4 vendetta vikings to specifically take you out (a very bad thing to happen in any game).

Ghost and Infestor

Grouped into the same category for ease and space saving, the Ghost and Infestor both have the ability to easily target Reapers.

The Infestor can case fungal growth on reapers causing high damage (that with upgrades will kill the reapers outright) and importantly paralyse (prevent movement) them, allowing you to target the reapers down.

You might think that Snipe is what you should use against Ghosts but you would be wrong. The reapers are so fast that they will run out of sight before most snipes are pulled off - furthermore, it means that your army is getting slaughtered whilst you attempt to hold a reaper within range.

More importantly, good players will constantly move them in and out of range of Ghost fire to avoid this counter.

Instead, it is much easier to just cloak the Ghost and attack the Reaper with the normal attack. Ghosts have high DPS and can three shot a reaper very quickly, sometimes before the reaper player even notices, allowing you to get another one before he flees.

The downsides of both is your committing to hero play so early. This makes you easily counterable - if you go Festor then expect many Ghosts coming your way shortly. If you go Ghost then every player without that investment will know you skimped on upgrades and will make every effort to feed off of you.

The point is, if you go Ghost and Infestor you need to be very confident in using them after the reapers are gone. They are not like the Raven or Mothership which will provide extra income from their strong pre 12 minute abilities (splash damage and seeker missile).

An Epic shot of reaper Killings with a Ghost by the pro MA player ShadowOfWar @00:18


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