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How to Earn Linden Dollars In Second Life Today!

Updated on July 10, 2011

Some of you may or may not know, but Linden Lab has been making a lot of changes this past year, I felt the need to redefine how to earn lindens in Second Life. We'll discuss for a moment some past ways we used to earn Linden

Before the new terms and services, landowners would pay you to just stand or sit at their location. This was called camping and is now illegal!

Another change Second Life made was the outlawing of casinos! You could own one and make a lot of money. But not anymore!

Escort services aren't illegal, but Linden labs has made it harder to market and promote this type of business.

Sploder balls:
The Sploder ball, this was the club owners dream. Residents would pay the object a set price of your choosing, and one winner would receive the biggest lump of the jackpot.

I could continue to ramble off more and more ways that we used to make money, but you won't benefit from that!

Ready to begin? Of course you are!

With today's Linden economy, it's imperative that we figure out new ways for you to make money. Day by day, earning lindens in Second Life isn't getting easier. No, unfortunately it gets harder every single day. How come? Will the truth is, more people are coming into this virtual world every day. And they want to do exactly what you're doing, and that's to earn money.

So here are my three top picks to earning lindens in Second Life!

#3 Club:

After years of research, and after watching many businesses fail, the ones that are still here after a few years are clubs. I have a real simple reason for this pick, there are multiple ways to turn your club into an asset.

One way your club can bring you lindens, is by renting out shops. It's important to have a high traffic rating for your club. This means you will have to have events on a regular basis. As with any club, the music you play is extremely important. Also, make sure that you have good DJs that perform for you. Once you get people to visit your club, and stay long periods of time, your traffic rating will be high. Shops should be as close to the dance floor as possible. This will make it easier for people who visit your club to purchase products. One of the mistakes I've seen from club owners, is when they don't have their shops close enough to the dance floor. Most people are at your club to be social, so if they don't see your stores, then they won't purchase any products from your location.

Be sure to price rental fees according to the proximity of where your dance floor is. This is what we call prime real estate, especially since a large part of sales made here. This is why the rental fee should be higher. Another opportunity for higher rental fees, are shops closest to your landing point. The landing point is the location where residents who teleport to your location arrive after using your landmark.

So again this is a prime location!

With a mix of affiliate marketing and rental fees, plus having high traffic, you should see great revenue growth in your business.

#2 Affiliate Marketing:

The number two way of earning money in Second Life is Affiliate Marketing. This really should be the number one way of making lindens and Second Life, but I know better. Most people can't do this effectively, but if you're going to be making money in Second Life in the future, this is the best way to do so. If you know how to choose your locations well, and how to market those locations, you can be extremely accessible using and affiliate marketing technique.

Two methods of earning lindens in affiliate marketing:

One way is to create the product and place it into vendors to give a percentage of your sales to residential sell your product.

The second way is by selling the product as an affiliate. You will find the commission by finding locations to market that product.

Again I believe this should be the number one way of earning money in Second Life. But not everyone knows how to market, so it will have to sit at number two for now.

#1 Product Creator / Store Owner

The number one method of earning income within Second Life virtual world, is product creation.

Let's say you have a new pair of sneakers that you've created and want to sell. Since you've created the product, all you need to do was marketed properly, and it becomes an instant asset for you. So if the shoes run you 500 Linden in upload cost, for the textures and the artwork. If you price those shoes at 250 lindens, you've only got a sell two shoes to recoup your investment.

How's that for ROI!

I know there's going to be complaints, because I did not put real estate on the chart. Fact is I've seen businesses come and go. Mostly real estate investors! My views are rigid in seeing product creation as the best way of making lindens in Second Life.

Now I know I'm shaky because because I want affiliate marketing to really be number one. The reasons for this is because there is a big learning curve to creating products for Second Life, and you have to make good products that can actually sell. This is a huge hurdle for a lot of people. This was my main reason as to why I was leaning more towards affiliate marketing being my number one pick. This is because by selling other people's products, you don't have the same learning curve as you would by creating the product itself. You just buy the affiliate package, throw it up at your locations, market and start earning lindens.

Of course, there are other ways that you can earn lindens in Second Life. I'm just not gonna go into every single one. These are the ones that I have found that work the best.

I'll say again, real estate is not in my top three, since it's just not consistent.

In sales, the more products you add, the more chances to earn more revenue. With some smart marketing, this slow building asset, can earn you consistent growth every month.

Find a good location first, and stay at that location. Don't move around! As residents landmark your shop or club, if you move they will lose you and you will lose all the work you've done to market that location. So again pick a good location and stay there! If your customers can't find you, you know what happens? You're gonna lose the sale!

I hope you've received some benefit from my take on the best earning potential in Second Life.

Make sure you go to the website to see my affiliate product of choice, which can be found at

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