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How to Earn Quick VC on NBA 2K13

Updated on December 25, 2013

No one wants to spend money on VC so many video players are trying to find the quickest ways to make quick VC. In this article, I will be going over some quick ways to make that VC you wanted to make and quick!

Play Online Games

Playing an online game is not only super fun, but it is very easy to make VC off of. If you complete an online game you will be credited with 250 VC plus, 10 more VC if you win. It is super easy to get and often is very fun for competition gets fairly tough. This is personally one of my favorite ways to make VC and quick.

Blacktop Mode

This truly is the most efficient way to make super quick VC in a hurry. You can play either online or offline, but I recommend playing Offline for it is more easier. The key in this technique is to have a good 3-point shooter (Jason Richardson) and on the other side have a bad perimeter defender and bad ball-handler like Kwame Brown. Once you have that, just start launching from behind the arch on offense and keep going for the steal on defense. Ultimately, what you want to do is to quickly score your points in bunches of 3's. You get 250 VC if you complete the game and another 10 if you win. To good to be true right? The only major drawback is that you can only do this once per 10 minutes. Anyway, I would strongly recommend you trying this method.

Some Blacktop Gameplay

My Career

You can easily make 200 VC a game in My Career if you perform well. Limit your turnovers, make a lot of good smart plays and you can easily achieve this target. But like most ways to make VC there are a few drawback.

In this game mode you may be forced to spend some VC on attribute upgrades because you must have to have good shooting to score a lot of points. I personally would recommend boosting your three point shot and just start launching.

Free Throw Practice

This is a method few people actually know about and it is fairly simple. All you do is keep shooting free throws 36 times and you will be credited with 50 VC. Its that simple!

My Team: Player Flipping

Here is a very smart way to make VC in this game. If you are familiar to Fantasy Sports you will be great at this one. This technique is for the MyTeam game mode. The object of this technique is to find cheap players on the market and when there value goes up sell them. The key to finding cheap players is to look for players who have recently gone into a slump and when they get out of there slump their value will go up also. Also you can buy players who are about to replace starters due to injury and hopefully when they start to play starters minute their value will go up. For example if Chris Paul goes down with an injury Eric Bledsoe will be replacing him. Buy Bledsoe before he plays a game as a starter and sell him prior to Paul's return. By then Bledsoe value should have gone up like crazy.


So there you have it, the best ways to make VC and quick. If you have anything to say or would suggest something to add to this list, please leave a comment below.

Thank You,



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