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How to FIND Non Expensive Wanted Antique Furniture

Updated on August 29, 2013

When investigating the art of antiquing, one must realize that there is an art to finding cheap antique furniture overlooked by many that has caused discontentment to varied serious treasure seekers. There is a methodical way to begin to search the intriguing eclectic antiquing art world, available at hand.

Find a local antiques appraiser in the yellow pages of the phone directory. Most of these are wiser older gentlemen or ladies who have been there so to speak and could be a wealth of information overlooked in any personal searches done. They can provide unknown or unpublished bias, personal tips, or know someone who knows someone that could save both your feet and your pocketbook wear and tear.

Antique dealers eager to sell their wares are often best friends with the appraiser and can be contacted through that agency. Dealers will guide someone step by step when asked a legitimate question. In this art there are many ways to gauge the value of quality antique furniture.

Just because something looks like it is in pristine shape, it can be very easy to be deceived by a fake or replica so antique dealers and appraisers will both know which way to go to get the best deal. They can also help to differentiate the nuances between a real antique or a reproduction. To the naked eye it's often quite difficult to see the subtle differences but to knowledgeable, aware and trained pros, they know what to look for.

There are also many generic antique magazines and books on the shelves of the local grocery store or mini-mart that can open doors of possibilities, aiding and assisting a bewildered antique collector or some novice gathering knowledge in the art of antiquing. Often these little books or magazines provide precious pictures, articles and valuable information on where to find or how to go about collecting prized antiques systematically and more cheaply.

When the collector is fortunate enough to be living in the nearby area where the magazine is actually being published, said item may give valuable leads, a contact point or a telephone number where the action or auction will occur. These are often more costly but in the long run are worth the price paid to receive needed information.

When failing to find satisfaction after pounding the pavement, the next step can be located on the computer using a preferred search engine. A plethora of tips, information, viewpoints, and news is usually just one more click away. Find exactly what style, at what price, where it's available and who's got it in stock close to home or nearby. There are also suggestions on the web on how to buy, transport and care for any items purchased.

When willing to buy these items without hands-on proof, there are also sites available where the prime purpose is to wholesale cheap antique furniture by providing bidding, pictures and prices, some that are set or those that can be auctioned off cheaply. The art of antiquing is not far away from any of us whether personally or online.

Finding cheap antique furniture is not as hard as one might think it would be. Those that are willing to go the extra mile, or dig a little deeper are often those who reap the best rewards that are available only in person.

To start with go to the local antiques stores in the area to see what is available. There could be something that was always wanted or some good advice on where and how to find it. When these results are not the true heart's desire, head for the local thrift stores.

Local thrift stores are often places where many discard old cheap antique furniture, unaware of the true product value that just seems to clash with their own décor and style. Often left unattended or covered up in some remote store corner that could be the desired piece to add that room ambiance so desperately thought by antique shoppers.

Somehow that elusive piece is just not being found, so go home grab a cup of tea, sit back and open the local newspaper to the want ads. In there one may find a want ad that stands out, or several ways to someone else's secret stash. Failing to be satisfied by any want ads, the paper could show some connection to a place where a big antique furniture sale is being held or a local flea market is sponsoring some antiques at reduced prices.

Often overlooked these sales and flea markets are often where donated given articles can be found and can be purchased quite cheaply with a little digging and a lot of bartering. Relics from the past, donated that are just collecting dust week after week could prove to be the very article of interest required.

Then there is those whom experience unfortunate circumstances, like marriage breakups, where everything must go at once, and some beleaguered bride or groom just wants to unload the past for a fresh start elsewhere. These can prove quite valuable in any search, when at these events it's first come first served. That detriment to one's sordid past could be a big boon to another's future plans.

Garage sales would fit into this category also as sometimes tired owners just want to unload stuff that seems to clutter their garage for many years. Already marked down by the owners, due to downsizing or yearly clean up chore, many an owner is unaware of just how valuable that item even is. With a little bit of persuasion someone else could profit, picking up a rare chic treasure for a much wanted price. Often at a price far cheaper than buying the item new.

There are also full estate sales made on behalf of aged deceased people, where the possibilities of finding that style one has looked high and low for can be found. It's a proven fact that older homes are where the real good stuff is found, looked after meticulously by someone who cared for and even pampered the articles being auctioned off. Attending a few of these could prove beneficial in the long run, to finding good cheap antique furniture at a reduced cost. Please VOTE in the poll BELOW. Thank You.


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    • Stacie L profile image

      Stacie L 

      8 years ago

      it's easy to find antiques,but harder to pay for them! LOL

      nice hub about a subject dear to my heart.;-)


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