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How to Fight an Adamantoise in Final Fantasy 13

Updated on February 10, 2016
A beautiful, butt-kicking lead character, tough enemies to face... Definitely my type of game.
A beautiful, butt-kicking lead character, tough enemies to face... Definitely my type of game.

There are plenty of dangerous monsters in the world of Final Fantasy 13, but none as intimidating or formidable as the Adamantoise. With Quake, Ultima, devastating foot stomps, Bay, and the worst, Doom, this elephant competing with skyscrapers rains on players with the army of Armageddon's payload. Other online strategies emphasize casting Death to buckle the beasts, or in using half attack/ half healing Paradigms to last a prolonged match until the monster finally falls, but what's the fun in that? It's possible to go toe-to-toe with an Adamantoise and to emerge victorious. By choosing the right team, the right paradigms, and equipment, one can topple an Adamantoise quicker, with less effort than previously known techniques, and with a greater degree of accomplishment.

Pick your partners, get those paradigms in line, it's dinosaur-elephant smashing time!
Pick your partners, get those paradigms in line, it's dinosaur-elephant smashing time!

Step 1: The Team

As team leader, the writer suggests Vanille. Love her or hate her, you should use her. Why? Because of her powerful healing abilities. She and Hope have the strongest healing spell: Curaja, plus she has Raise. The biggest reason she should be team leader is YOU want to be in control of your healing and reviving. Unfortunately, as anyone playing this game has noticed, the A.I of your fellow fighters leaves much to be desired, since they won't always heal when you need to, or stop to revive a needed character and then begin healing again, or vice versa when your health points are low. To survive this high octane battle, you'll need to control the healing on every step. As for the rest of the team, the Sentinel role will be your focus. The other team members should have Fringeward. Fringeward will reduce the damage of the real gang-buster techniques like Ultima and Quake, and if your other teammates have it... you get the idea. You should consider your Synergist next. The Synergist will provide the support moves to survive the stomps between the major attacks and the buffing to strike back hard and fast. Needless to say, either Sazh or Lightning, two fighters with the best support moves other than Hope, have to be your choices. The writer uses Sazh because he has the highest H.P of the two, never Hope. Hope doesn't have enough health (sorry Hope fangirls), so you'll be healing him from sunrise to set. Your last character should be a heavy hitter in commando, Snow, Fang, or Lightning if not used for the Synergist role. The writer prefers Snow, because (you guessed it) he has such high H.P.

Step 2: The Paradigms

For you to emerge victorious, Vanille must have mastered Medic, your Synergist must have mastered the Synergist role, and everyone must have Fringeward in Sentinel except for Vanille, who will be relying on Reprieve and the other teammates' Fringewards to survive. Or, just make sure everyone has mastered all their Paradigms (^_^). The recommended Paradigms to use are as follows:

Paradigm Deck
Relentless Assault
MED/COM/COM? MED/MED/SEN?  Please...  Now MED/SYN/MED with COM/RAV/RAV, that's a strategy.
MED/COM/COM? MED/MED/SEN? Please... Now MED/SYN/MED with COM/RAV/RAV, that's a strategy.

Step 3: The Equipment and Stats

The writer won't bore the reader or command them regarding what weapon they should use and what level it should be. Just know the Strength and Magic of each party member should be over a thousand for them to prove effective, no matter what weapons you prefer. The accessories fall under different rules. Everyone should have a Rainbow Anklet (Daze Resistance), a General's Belt (Physical Resistance), and a Witch's Bracelet (Magic Resistance). If you don't have these items, remember your accessories should provide AT LEAST greater than 30% for Daze, 25% for Physical, and 15% for Magic. The writer personally gave greater protection for the Party lead (Moonbow Anklet Lv.8 for Daze) and a Genji Glove for the heavy hitter; however, the writer lacked these items when he first began defeating Adamantoises. You should also equip a character with the Connoisseur Catalog to get the rare transformers these behemoths drop or the lucrative platinum ingots.

Want to know why the Adamantoise is so adamant?  Go and ask him yourself, but don't except the answer to come cheap.
Want to know why the Adamantoise is so adamant? Go and ask him yourself, but don't except the answer to come cheap. | Source

Step 4: The Preperation

Other than equipment, your party must be able to gauge itself before attempting to crush an Adamantoise. How can you test your strength? Other than the Cieth Stone Missions, you must be able to defeat every other monster in The Archylte Steppe with ease, and by with ease the writer means with a Rank 5 (Yes, two Behemoths at once counts). Once you can do that, buy as much Foul Liquid as you can (for Daze) and place it at the top of your inventory list. Also, fill your Technical Points up for good measure, even though as the fight progresses your TP should fill to the 3 points you'll need. Find an Adamantoise, put on your war paint, and follow the strategy as follows:

Side Note

It's imperative you keep your debuffs on its legs active. The moment Deshell or Deprotect disappear, recast them.

Step 5: The Battle

  1. Most of the time, these cheap, overgrown elephants will open with Ultima or Quake. Whenever they do this, immediately switch to the Tortoise Paradigm (4th down). After the big blast hits (Ultima) or after the earth stops moving, switch to Convalescence (1 up). This will allow you to heal WHILE buffing your characters. Do this until Haste, Protect, and Shell are cast and everyone is fully healed. Don't forget to cast Libra if you haven't done so.
  2. Switch to Infiltration and attack a leg until you successfully cast Slow, Deprotect, Deshell, and Imperil. Sometimes Vanille will try to select the other leg or the head; stay on target and attack one leg at a time. Go to Tri-disaster to get it to Stagger quicker or Relentless Assault to keep the Stagger Gauge steady.

  3. Attack the leg until it falls, then repeat the same strategy for the next one. In between the stomps, switch to Convalescence to heal then resume attacking again. It will keep your defenses fresh, but what you ultimately want is Sazh or Lightning to begin casting Enfire on your team. This will deal more damage to the Adamantoise and accelerate you crumbling its legs.

  4. When it falls, refresh your Haste with Convalescence, then switch to Infiltration to debuff the head with every spell you can (basically all of them). Switch to Tri-disaster to get it to stagger, then go to Cerberus to give it a pounding.

  5. Wait for it to rise, then prepare yourself for either a Bay, Ultima, or a Quake, and a consecutive stomp. Other than Doom, Bay is the most dangerous move you'll face. The second you see the words “Bay” on screen, switch to Tortoise to reduce the damage, stay there for the stomp afterward, then switch to Convalescence to get back your buffs and heal (Bay eliminates all your buffs). If it doesn't stomp RIGHT afterwards, then just go to Convalescence after the big attack and start healing. If any party members are affected with Daze, a side effect of Bay, immediately use a Foul Liquid to return that person to normal.

  6. Repeat strategy 1-4 to send it tumbling again. After this assault, you should have it at 40% of its health. As it rises, Summon Hecatoncheir to make it fall again. Debuff in Infiltration then raise its Stagger Gauge in Tri-disaster. The second before your limit expires, transform Hecatoncheir, use your attacks randomly until you have one point left, hit it with your grand finale, and the fight should be finished. DO NOT let it rise again after your second assault on its head and your Hecatoncheir summon. When the Adamantoise gets less than a 25% of its health, it begins attacking so viciously you probably won't survive the assaults. If you take too long (20 min), you'll have to contend with Doom. The Summon will stop the counter for a limited time... But when it hits zero, you're done.

Final Notes

When using Vanille as Commando, use Ruin, considering her Magic inflicts more damage than her flimsy fishing-rod. Also, remember that casting Enfire with your Synergist is the key to diverting the fight quickly in your favor. Finally, if you're ever in a pinch and find yourself about to die, you can always use your Summon! Switching Paradigms on the fly can be tricky, but it creates more enjoyable matches and ends them quicker than relying on luck when casting Death or while fighting in turtle/lion Paradigms. Happy Hunting Ladies and Gentlemen.

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