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How to Finish a 1000-pc Jigsaw Puzzle

Updated on November 22, 2011
A Puzzling Experience
A Puzzling Experience | Source

Getting you to the final piece.

I have mentioned before that I have been working on a 1000-pc jigsaw puzzle. And yes, I have definitely, been making progress. Now, I believe most people would think that this activity is something that is very boring and time-consuming. But, in fact, it should be thought of as a brain-enhancing hobby, as well as a chance to socialize, if you're not doing it alone. In my case, I'm working on my 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle on my own. Hopefully, before 2012, I would have finished it already.This is the first time I'm doing this, and probably, in the future, I'll be a lot faster. I have 2 other boxes stocked, by the way. So this hobby will definitely continue.

1) Always set a time each day. It is very important that you take a step each day. Doing a Jigsaw Puzzle can take weeks to a couple of months. If it reaches a year already, then you're doing it slowly. And when you sit on it each day, make sure you are able to connect a number of pieces. Do not leave unless you have made progress. The time you should set should be at least 30 minutes. The good thing about Jigsaw Puzzles is that you can work on them even though you're sleepy already. So, I guess this could be a pre-bedtime hobby for those who have jam-packed mornings.

2) Study the bigger picture. When you buy a Jigsaw Puzzle, the image of what you would be forming would usually be printed out on the cover, or in a separate sheet inside the box. Understand the image, and the colors. This would allow you to sort the pieces so those that would most likely connect are grouped together.

3) Gather the corner pieces and the edges. Jigsaw Puzzle shapes are usually in rectangles, or other quadrilateral shape (four-sided figure). I've done one which was circular before, but then we were a group back then. So for the typical rectangular ones, the sides can easily be determined. Gather the four corners, and place them where they should be. Then start gathering the other edges, so at least you know they are supposed to be the sides of the puzzle.

4) Focus on one part at a time. 1000-piece Jigsaw Puzzles have a lot of elements in them. In a set, there could be images of houses, people, and the sky. To make the task seem less daunting, concentrate on doing one element first. Whenever you feel saturated already, that is when you can work on some other element, but just for a little while.

5) Enjoy the whole process. Of course, this should not feel like work. Do not take the whole process too seriously, and just have fun with it. As long as you follow the tips I have mentioned, and do it at a good time, things will go smoothly.

Alright. So these are my tips for getting to that 999th-1000th pieces of the puzzle. Now that I've done this, I guess it's time to work on my own puzzle now. Feel free to leave comments if this hobby has become interesting to you!


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