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How to Get Better at First-Person Shooter Games

Updated on October 13, 2012

First-person shooters have become increasingly popular as computer and gaming technology has advanced, and for all the expert video gamers out there, you know fully well that there is no greater feeling than being victorious in game. However, the main issue often sparks with just that. Less experienced gamers are finding it incredibly difficult to compare to the 'professionals' in gaming, and often despair due to countless losses, as well as very infrequent successes.

There are several key things that you can implement into your game-style, that will almost definitely aid you on your way to getting better at first-person shooters.

Use a Computer That Can Run your Game Well!

Occasionally, the problem with some players is not that they are bad at the game, but rather that their computer simply doesn't support what the game requires very well. In respect to each individual's budget for technology, maybe buying an upgraded computer is out of the question, however there is nothing stopping you buying some upgrades to your current set up. Whilst there are many varying factors that will strongly influence the quality at which you can play each game, there are several useful tools online, that will identify areas of your computer that need upgrading for you.

For the more serious gamers, I definitely recommend that you are using a computer or system set-up, that can run the game's recommended settings flawlessly. Otherwise, you may find that you are limiting yourself greatly in comparison to the other players, and that you will find yourself at a dis-advantage. To solve this, save up a little bit of money each month, until you have acquired enough to purchase a decent computer that can run your games smoothly, with absolutely no problem whatsoever $6.

If you aren’t so tech-savvy, and do not know what kind of computer you should go for, refer to such sites as computer planet and Can you Run it? By using these two websites, you can identify which aspects of your computer aren't up to the part of running your game well, and their recommended options in terms of upgrades and/or full systems.

Improve your Aiming Skill

Being able to aim fast and effectively is the key to your success as a first-person shooter gamer. If you cannot switch your aim from one enemy to another (accurately) within less than 5 seconds, more often than not you will be dead in most tense situations. The best players know fully well that you do well in game; they need to have fast reflexes and great accuracy to pull off the kill.

Again, whilst budgets do vary from player to player, it is worth mentioning, that by purchasing a mouse specifically made for gaming, you can dramatically improve your gaming accuracy. Especially, in first-person shooter games when your accuracy, is often the difference between life and death in many cases! As a personal recommendation, I would suggest that the more serious gamers look for a gaming mouse at around $50-$60, and the less serious gamers at around $10-$20.

Apart from having a gaming mouse, you can certainly do your aiming a favor by adjusting the sensitivity of your character, as well as making sure that movements feel comfortable to you and not too jerky.

Use Best Equipment at Your Disposal

Try not to show off by using guns that other players have no success with, or are just plain useless. Always use the best equipment at your disposal to ensure easy kills, and improve your overall ability in game. If you absolutely feel inclined to use the 'less than standard' weapons and equipment, then make sure that you maintain a defensive role, and refrain from venturing out of your AO too often. Otherwise, it is inevitable that your success rate in game will be short lived.

In addition, for when playing fps games such as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, it is essential that you always use a suppressor, along with any other 'silencing' weaponry or equipment that you have available. (Ninja Pro, Knifing, crouch walking etc. etc.) The footsteps that your character make whilst running, can typically be heard across the map and will usually compromise your location.

Wear a Top of the Line Gaming Headset

A gaming headset is definitely not essential, but can go a damn long way in ensuring better gaming performance! For many first-person shooters, a major aspect of the game is actually within the sound, and hearing enemy location clues, such as footsteps, bullets or grenades is without doubt crucial. While you may not need to fork out over $100 for your gaming headset, making sure that it is both compatible with your PC, Xbox 360 or PS3 is very important.

Otherwise, you simply will not be able to use the headset!

It is equally important to make sure that if you want an attached microphone to your headset, that you make sure one is included and that it is high quality. There's nothing worse than producing a crackling sound every time you speak to a fellow team-mate. Alternatively, if you plan on creating videos based around the games that you are playing, if your microphone quality is crap, then people will almost certainly not feel inclined to listen to you. Quality is everything!

Always Check Your Corners

Running around corners at full speed in fps games is not going to do you any good, especially if you are looking to get better at playing. The most likely outcome of you racing around every corner you come across is that an enemy on the other side will simply take you out within seconds. So as a rule of thumb, make sure to take your time when going around corners, and to ensure that you are paying full attention to your surroundings.

It also does not hurt to keep your sights up whilst you move around corners, as this reduces the amount of time it will take you to aim directly at the enemy. Remember, that 9 times out of 10, there will be an enemy around the corner, and he will all too easily take you out... if you let him. So make yourself a harder target to your enemies, and play your corners smart. Unless you have amazing reflexes, in which case you can do whatever you please.


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