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How to Get Free Godfather Points in Mafia Wars

Updated on September 8, 2010

We Mafia Wars crazy people always need more and more limited edition weapons in order to have stronger fighting strength while some take pleasure in purchasing those limited edition weapons by using godfather or reward points just so that their profile page looks pretty and full with hi-tech weapons.

 Whatever the reason may, we all need some extra or free mafia wars reward points but the problem is: How to get free mafia wars reward points?

  • Click on “Market Place” link which is next to “Inventory”
  • Click “Daily chance” which appears at the bottom of the sidebar
  • Alternatively you can also click on the “Daily Checklist” on Mafia wars homepage and everyday you will be notified to play the daily chance.

What you need to do is simply visit the page every day, click “Auto Select Numbers” and then click “Submit Ticket” (Do NOT, I repeat Do NOT click on “Claim Prize” until all 6 of 6 tickets are submitted and the meter is full)

You will need to do this for 6 days. Every day the reward will increase.

1st day
Random Collection Item
2nd day
One Free Daily Chance Ticket
3rd day
5 Stamina Points
4th day
Two Free lotto tickets
5th day:
20 Energy Points
6th day
1 to 5 Reward Points

On the 6th day, submit your ticket and then click on “Claim Prize” button, which will give you upto 5 reward points.

I wasn't lucky this time, but I have earned a considerable amount of 5 and 4 reward points for consecutive weeks, so give it a try you have nothing to lose and reward points to gain.

Mafia wars keep on posting something like this on their wall every now and then.
Mafia wars keep on posting something like this on their wall every now and then.

Another quick way to get free Reward Points

I suggest all the players to regularly visit the Official Mafia Wars Fan Page on Facebook, since they keep giving free Reward Points to loyal players, you just need to click the link and dang! you get 1-5 reward points. Aint that cool??

Since the links are posted by Mafia Wars, you dont have to worry if they are spam. They are all clean.


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