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How to Get Out of Elo Hell

Updated on October 3, 2012

Many people consider Elo hell to be an elo that you cannot get out of because of the quality of players feeders and other factors that might cause one to lose the game. The sad fact is that your elo is a product of your play and the sooner you realize this is the sooner you can work on getting better and obtaining the elo you desire.

  • Accept that you need to get better to get a higher elo
  • Work on improving your skills and decision making

Law of Averages

You might be saying to yourself that "I just get bad teams. I don't feed but there is always someone on my team that loses the game for us." While this may be true this just states that you do not have the ability to carry your team and that's what it takes to get a higher elo. You have to be the person that carries the team and produces the feeders on the other team. Also, if you bring something positive to the game like your play or attitude you will eventually get a higher elo.

I am not saying that I know the teams you are getting or understand exactly what happens in everyone's game. I am simply saying that if you play better than the average person in your elo you will eventually go up. You may be asking "How is this done?" This is done by getting better, or playing more games. You might be a 1500 elo player in 1200, but if you play enough games you will get out.

  • Manipulating The Law of Averages

There are statistics on the champions with the highest win rates and champions that are most like to perform well in ranked games. has statistics and using these can really help you decide what champs to play.

Elo Comes with Time and Practice

A lot of people expect things to happen overnight. They expect that there is going to be one simple tip that will get them a higher elo and make them the God of League of Legends. Although this would be great, elo comes with time and if you really want to get out of your elo you must practice and get better. It might seem like pro players have some secret that makes them better than everyone else but it just comes down to the amount of experience they have and the countless hours of practice they put into the game.

The same goes for professional athletes in every sport. They achieve greatness through dedication and practice. Ever learned an instrument when you were younger? You didn't magically become good at it. You got that way from practice. This is very cliche and I regret saying it but practice does make perfect. There are so many mechanics in League of Legends and the only way to get good at it is to practice.


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